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  1. Trueprodigy

    Episode Discussion Did the anime prove Marco and BM did indeed fight off screen for multiple chapters?

    In one of the latest episodes, it appears that Marco and BM are clashing off screen, some people speculated that BM and Marco fought off screen in the manga but we we only got to see the conclusion of their fight. Did the anime prove that to be the case? Thoughts? @Fleet Admiral Lee Hung
  2. Trueprodigy

    General & Others One piece isn’t enjoyable without the admirals being relevant

    One piece isn't a good manga without the admirals being there. Change my mind. It's been hundreds of chapters since they have been relevant and the story is just boring. Give me Yonko vs admirals or give me death. @Admiral Borsalino"Kizaru" @Fleet Admiral Lee Hung
  3. Trueprodigy

    We should make a discord for this community if we don’t have one already.

    I specifically would want to have voice chat debates to see how people handle debates where they need to come up with argumentation on the spot. We could have judges and things like that for the debates. But also having a discord server would be great in general for other things as well. If...
  4. Trueprodigy

    Doflamingo VS kaido

    We know that kinemon is able to easily embarrass kaido, and we know doffy is able to easily embarrass kinemon. What does this imply? Doffy>kaido? Hard to say. Thoughts? @Admiral Lee Hung @Red Admiral @MarineHQ62