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  1. BillSlipton

    Break Week Joy boy?

    1647380395 @Chrono @Natalija @Big D. Kaios @Cross_Marian @Yasheen @uyuu etc. Sorry I don't I wanna type everyone out
  2. BillSlipton

    The Wanji Fanbase

    The dumbest fucking fanbase on this goddamn earth is zoLo dick suckers. We all know this. Sword swallowers are doing damage control after downplaying sanji for months on end because of this massive W. We also all know sanjis fire is better. We all fucking know it shut the fuck up please We...
  3. BillSlipton

    General & Others Loda the walking L

    Loda the walking can of freshly picked Ls has once again proven why he's the conqueror of all L conquerors. I'll explain why. sanji got robbed of the greatest arc ever in exchange for wci. The land of wano where the rich grow their own food and everyone else starves to death and parents kill...
  4. BillSlipton

    Which is worse zbois?

    Which is a bigger L? Getting you virginity taken by the yeti Brothers in their winter cottage? Or Getting deep dick penetrated by a nerfed gifters hakiless blade? Or Being put in the dirt by fodder with a gun best image hosting Lmk which ones a bigger L down below
  5. BillSlipton

    Sanjis theme

    It's the most popular and the most well made. On a zboi certified wank station
  6. BillSlipton

    Powers & Abilities Sbs volume 85 clarifies speed feat in Wano

    In the SBS One Piece column volume 85, a reader asked, "Who is the fastest Straw Hat crew in a 50-meter race?" Oda answered by giving the reader an order from fastest to slowest. Brook Sanji Luffy Chopper Zoro Usopp Nami Robin Franky This goes to show just how impressive sanjis speed is. Let's...
  7. BillSlipton

    Powers & Abilities Sanjis coa

    So we all know sanji trained in his coa because he wanted to increase his fire power. Loda never points out that a character trained something without the boost being really significant. To be able to withstand heat hotter than magma that produces electricity Aka plasma then sanjis coa would...
  8. BillSlipton

    Non porno adult cartoons

    Made this to talk about any good non anime, animated shows. Doesn't matter what it is but please tell me what you're watching at the moment. Currently I'm watching final space and young justice. I'm excited for the new batman adult animated series to come out
  9. BillSlipton

    This is Wanjis no.1 fan

    I am Tristan. Aka billslipton. I am 22 years old and I love tacos. I heard wg is the biggest sanji downplaying group. I'm excited.
  10. BillSlipton

    Anime & Manga Sanjis speed>Zoros

    New chapter just put sanjis speed as far above anything zoro could muster up. Kings attack was "like a beam" but sanji was casually dodging a barrage of beams from queen while thinking about frankt and tech
  11. BillSlipton

    ZKK incoming

    Comment on this post if you wanna make a bet. If zkk happens I'll delete my account. If you lose then you have to delete yours. Zoros bouta drop in the next 20 minutes or so after this medicine wears off:josad:
  12. BillSlipton

    Questions & Mysteries Sanjis regeneration

    So I reread whole cake island arc and I can't find a single mention of regeneration in any of the chapters. Where does sanjis regen powers come from if not from the vinsmokes?