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    Questions & Mysteries Origin of the Devil Fruits? The DF which the Gorosei were talking?

    Hi Everyone The Gorosei were surprised from an awaken DF, and the only new awaken DF in Wano are Laws and Kidds. But let's be honest, surgery DF? The abilities of Laws DF is beyond just surgery, this is kinda the DF that name can really changed since just surgery limits its true nature. Law...
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    Theory Did Oda foreshadow King's race?

    At the bottom, over the left there is 1 face of another character. This meant that there werent 3 species with wing, but 4.
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    Theory GoD Valley & King known as God's-

    King is from a dead race which were called "Gods", it is said they were eliminated, even by histroy. When Big Mom saw King, she thought that there were no survivors. How can she know that? Why does Kaido have King? Why were some Celestial Dragons at God Valley? Who were their slaves? Why was...
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    Questions & Mysteries Sanji's Eyebrows has been modified just as his Body !

    Recent chapter, Oda has suddenly changed his eyebrows and it aint a mistake, this in the whole chapter. What could this mean? Will Sanji have double personality just as Cavendish? Will he in the future have mental fights to decide who he really is? Sanji might no have the saddest past, but...