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  1. Ace

    Powers & Abilities The World Government was idiotic to let the Ice fruit out of their hands

    The One Piece world is almost completely ocean. All travel is done by ships. The Ice fruit has shown the ability to freeze massive portions of ocean for days and also the ability to completely impede travel. Overall the fruit is by far the most useful for the World Government. Being able to...
  2. Ace

    Powers & Abilities Big Mom’s new homie?

    Prometheus told Big Mom he had an idea after shit talking Zeus. Then we see Big Mom manipulate clouds. Assuming this is BM replacing Zeus what kind of Homie do you think we will see?
  3. Ace

    General & Others 3rd Main Character: Nami or Sanji?

    I feel like 100% of fans agree that Luffy and Zoro are top 2. But I’m curious as to who you guys think is the 3rd main character (or who has the next most plot relevance). There are arguments for both. Nami being a “trigger” in the story. While Sanji having two dedicated arcs. Personally I...