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    Episode Discussion One piece opening 25 spoiler

    Spoil for all wano arc let’s go
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    Speculations How Luffy will open the borders of Wano

    the best way to open wano country would be for luffy to destroy wano waterfall at the same time he defeats kaido with his last attack. the waterfall is an obstacle for the opening of the country it certainly constitutes a natural shield but once the pirate SHs have won this war they will take...
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    Anime & Manga Imu low diff 4 Yonko

    Imu low diff 4 yonko in 1 vs 4 without counting BB imu> primebeard+shanks+kaido+big mom
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    Anime & Manga King punch by king Elizabelo is adv CoC

    king punch is certainly adv CoC Elizabelo can defeat a YC with a direct hit ?
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    Powers & Abilities Luffy DF awakening

    1. luffy will be able to absorb any kind of blow and haki to send them back much more powerful and give his shock waves rebounding properties and even be able to give his haki the same properties which means he can stretch his willpower to create the Supreme CoC and also stretching space and...
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    Questions & Mysteries Why is Luffy the only one not to have physically changed after the TS?

    thanks to his gomu gomu which prevents him from aging? or because law did something to him with his ope ope no mi? Does Luffy already have eternal youth?