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  1. SDfear

    Black Clover 317 Spoilers

    Short summary: - They think all is well, Yami & William are both alive but Nacht looks a bit worried, LOTS of the characters are shown here, like a "cooldown" - Suddenly the 2nd gate devil manifests - Lucifero also seems to manifest & is visibly angry with Asta 15 PAGES @Light D...
  2. SDfear

    Speculations MAKE 5 PREDICTIONS FOR 2021(MANGA)

    With chapter 1000 being last this year, I want you guys to make a FIVE predictions for manga in 2021 Here is my: 1.Act 3 ends in next 5 chapters 2.Big Combo Attack against Kaido 3.Luffy new gear form (5th?) 4.Marines arrive to Wano with Akainu 5.Dragon meets Luffy or Luffy meets Dragon 🤞