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    News One Piece Magazine Vol. 12

    can't wait for this spring !
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    News Indonesia gets official OP scanlation release

    Yeah, it's really good news for us. We expected it will happen at 2021 because one of Elex Media's editor already mentioned it about that since last November. Elex Media is one of Indonesian publisher. One Piece Manga get released by Elex Media. For now, just four manga get Indonesian Bahasa...
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    Rakyat Negeri +62, The Wkwkland - Worstgen Indonesia

    Vol 95 & Wanted cetakan terbaru rencananya rilis Februari nanti. OP Quiz Book juga akan rilis tahun ini, tapi belum tahu di bulan apa.
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    Rakyat Negeri +62, The Wkwkland - Worstgen Indonesia

    this thread jadi sarang laba-laba? xD I think King berpotensi di atas 1,5 M, tapi lebih sedikit (ya sekitar 1,6 - 1,8M)
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    Rakyat Negeri +62, The Wkwkland - Worstgen Indonesia

    ah shit here we go nostalgia again :cheers:
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    News Anime version of the Shokugeki no Sanji One-Shot(?).

    for anyone who interested with Interview Full version:
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    News One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 PV2

    seems Katakuri will be playable char
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    News One Piece - Stampede Movie 14

    STAMPEDE ENGLISH DUB TRAILER I already watched Stampede in the middle last month. It's really fun movie! Full action-packed, and the animation so good. Don't expect too much for the story. ===== meanwhile in France : that post got retweeted by Eiichiro_staff
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    News Ace Light Novel finally Getting Translated

    Finally ! It will become nice collection for us, especially fans outside Japan.
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    News New Project Buster Call - Eiichiro Oda account

    it's just artistic work project from Shueisha wikia seems that 4 October just 1st wave for their project. You can see the arts in this account: Instagram
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    General & Others One Piece Schedule - Chapter release status

    Sorry for late reply do you mean chapter 957? Yes, illegal scan already released at previous Friday (Japanese time). For next chapter, seems Illegal scan will released at normal day again (Friday)
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    @Guan Yu hello bro Guan Yu ^^

    @Guan Yu hello bro Guan Yu ^^
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    General & Others One Piece Schedule - Chapter release status

    If you want know chapter release status, you can find it from ToC recent issue + preview for next issue. Well, usually at end page a certain chapter, there will be an announcement if next week is on break. you can also find it at : (USA time...
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    General & Others Bounty Discussion and Speculation

    Yeah, this is my trademark thread at OJ :shocking: When the time come, Keep up the update, man !
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    News Oda interviews

    Well.... ===== and we know Oda's wish most likely will different with reality. Anyway, stay healthy, Oda sensei !
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    News One Piece Volume 94 Coming in October

    start from chapter 943 943 - SMILE 944 - Partner 945 - O-Lin 946 - Queen vs O-Lin 947 - Queen's Gamble 948 - Introducing Kawamatsu the Kappa 949 - Mummy 950 - The Warriors' Dreams 951 - Rampage 952 - Hiyori and Kawamatsu 953 - Once a Fox I think it's better if Vol 94 end at ch 953. The cover...
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    News One Piece: Vivre Card (Data book)-Discussion Thread

    Samurai & Beasts Pirates maybe coming in next Booster Pack. Let's wait for months/years later
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    News ONE PIECE MAGAZINE VOL.8 (01/12/2019)

    curious for new novel. After Ace & Law, which one for next? Sabo, Doflamingo, Jinbe, or.... ?