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  1. PurpleSwordsman

    General & Others Will Queen be defeated in the next 5 minutes (King too)? another stupid poll

    Thought about this after this chapter and considering that Sanji until this chapter was fightning Queen on equal grounds all the time without any problem. The evidence. Now, Sanji was lacking AP to hurt Queen severely. So considering that Sanji could fight him on equal grounds until now...
  2. PurpleSwordsman

    Current Events Killer's the first SN to make Kaido's eyes bulging out on panel. Oda implying his superiority over SNs?

    Killer's 1 week training offpanel with Kid was for the purpose of being strong enough to protect his captain (Kid), and here I will prove it the results of his training with this awesome feat. A little introduction first. We need to remember that Oda has hammered this point (Killer training so...