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  1. Venom

    Worstgen vs orojackson?

    Worstgen vs orojackson??
  2. Venom

    Questions & Mysteries One piece: time loop/paradox???

    I know these kind of time loop theories have been posted before. However Do you think sun god nika is actually luffy. ? Somehow he went back in time & there people saw gomu gomu no mi. "This is what made gomu gomu nomi special in the first place". This is some kind of paradox Where events...
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    Powers & Abilities If King does not have coc then Katakuri will have greater role in the story.

    If king does not have coc then katakuri will have greater role in the story. What would be katakuri's role I guess he secured 14th spot in global popularity Not using him will be a wasted opportunity.
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    Speculations Predictions on tragedy of act 3 ?

    So what's the tragedy?
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    Questions & Mysteries What if there was Shiki instead of MEME in Wano.

    Shiki vs kid would have been a great match up since there powers are a bit similar. Or zoro vs shiki Imagine kaido & shiki vs supernova Rewrite wano arc with shiki in place of BM. that shitty o lin plot is the worst thing happen to one piece
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    Future Events Eustass Kidd x Blackbeard

    If kid happens to take down big mom with killer & law then I can see him allying with BB to take down shanks Since him & BB have a common enemy hence they are fated to meet each other Currently shanks is the biggest obstacle in BB'S path to become pirate king as shanks is a haki monster & BB...
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    Versus Battle Op verse vs marvel verse.

    Op team. 4 Yonkos(old ones) (prime beard) 3 admirals(classic three) Fujitora Sengoku Garpdr Prime rayleigh Bullet(non Canon) Golden lion(assume he can lift anything without touching) Enel Mihawk Katakuri Marco .. Monster trio. VS Thanos Magneto Thor Adam warlock Captain marvel Scarlett witch...
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    General & Others Is impel down enough for a yonko???

    I don't think impel down is enough for a yonko. What do you guys think?
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    One piece hindi discussion thread.

    If Any Indian here, can we discuss one piece in Hindi? We need to increase one piece fan base in India. So that teens don't end up watching shitty cartoons like chota bheem. Chalo shuru karte hai. 1570541139 Toh aap sab ka fav character kaun hai??
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    Versus Battle Zoro vs King Bradley(Brotherhood) ??

    Conditions King Bradley in his prime VS Current Zoro
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    Speculations Katakuri & Zoro vs Big Mom(unpopular opinion)

    Big has never been hurt & enma already hurt kaido & no one has ever hurt bigmom. Her body is like an iron balloon and why would oda repeat the history of Zoro hurting kaido just like oden did. Bigmom is almost as strong as kaido. Katakuri may help Zoro to defeat bigmom And if he appears in...
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    General & Others Katakuri's tattoo analysis(Must watch for everyone)

    Additional information If you see katakuri's tattoo its a bird which is caged and wants to be free. When he pierced himself with trident, he broke the jail/cage in which a bird (katakuri) was caged. Now i believe katakuri has a greater role in story and he will be Luffy's ally in future & he...
  13. Venom

    Future Events Luffy vs blackbeard (Davy back)?? To get robin

    I have a theory If Blackbeard challenges Luffy to a Davy back fight(an actual 1 on 1) but not what foxy introduced. We currently don't know if bb or someone in his crew can read poneglyhs. So it is safe to assume that only Robin can read it He may try to get Robin from strawhat through a Davy...
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    Speculations Zoro & Sanji vs King & Queen

    I really like the idea of Zoro & sanji tag teaming against king & queen. I am not telling they would win initially but eventually(may be in 2nd round) Just remember groggy monsters What do you think guys?