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    Speculations King can possibly return in the final war

    King has a pretty interesting background. He's a Lunarian, an ancient race erased by the WG, and King specifically had been waiting for Joy Boy's return "If Joy Boy is the same man that you're waiting for, King...then I know who he is" Now I think that he can appear in the final war as an...
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    Speculations Luffy will use thunder to defeat Kaido

    Oda: My audience won't be satisfied if the reason for defeating Kaido is just because of Luffy's strong punch. Now Luffy grabbed a thunder. My prediction is that he will pierce Kaido with a thunder and he will defeat him Bye
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    Speculations Luffy will prevent Onigashima from falling

    Luffy (monkey) = Hanuman (a God modeled after monkey and according to some scholars he's ispirated by Sun Wukong) Onigashima = Mountain Luffy can become a giant too
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    Questions & Mysteries A question about Moria vs Kaido

    I've already posted this question in the Shichibukai fanclub thread a couple of months ago but unfortunately I couldn't reach a broad audience there. So for the reason explained before I'm going to make a thread about this...
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    General & Others Chapter 0 Inconsistency

    We first see Shanks and Buggy quarreling about which pole is the coldest in chapter 19 in the very beginning of Buggy's flashback. Chapter 19 flashback ends with Buggy eating his Devil Fruit. Now that chapter 967 is out we've found out that this "fight" roughly happens when Roger pirates are...
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    Powers & Abilities Is Armament Haki needed to turn a sword black?

    Are you sure that it is the Armament Haki? Maybe it could be Conqueror Haki... Take a look to this theory and come back to vote and discuss! I think it's a different perspective to what the fandom is currently believing. Actually the key point is that Armament Haki is common, but Black Blades...
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    Questions & Mysteries Who is your favorite JoJo?

    I am currently reading Steel Ball Run and I think it has a great potential. I think it will be my favorite part when I will finish it. So far to me part 4 is the best but the best JoJo is Joseph Joestar. And you guys, who is your favorite Jojo? EDIT: There is a typo in the poll: "Josuke...
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    Theory Enma vs Kaidou and Ame no Habakiri vs Orochi

    Wano was conquered and reduced to penury by Orochi and Kaidou. They invaded the samurai's land 20 years before the current events and took control over it. They have also killed Oden Kozuki, Kuri's Daimyo, a man that once was able to make Wano great. Oden used to have two swords with him (it is...