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    r/OnePiecePowerScaling Is Clowning On Us

    reddit can't even discern a joke thread :suresure::suresure:
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    Fanclub Temple of The Grandmaster Zoro

    The world doesn't need two dragons:finally:
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    Questions & Mysteries Are anime staff stupid?

    There is a reason why Oden's techniques are very similar to the Zoro's ones. There is a reason why both Zoro and Oden's techniques are named after food puns. There is a reason why: -Zoro meets Hiyori when she's 26 -Oden meets Toki whe she's 26 There is a reason why: -Zoro saves Hiyori from...
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    Can Big Mom Survive Rooftop Zoro tatsumaki?

    Kaido has definitely some sort of regeneration, that cut looks nasty but still it wasn't enough to leave a scar
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    Fanclub Temple of The Grandmaster Zoro

    This is so brutal Especially the close up:
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    UI design change

    Just switch to the light theme bro However is it possible to disable the visualization of the bounty tag?
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    General & Others Bounty Discussion and Speculation

    I think this time Zoro will have about 40% of Luffy's bounty, while in the next (and final) increase it will be 60% again Alabasta ~60% EL ~40% DR ~60% Wano ~40% Final Increase ~60%
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    Future Events Oden would be forgotten post Wano

    That's why I say that the Enma blackening plot should end in Wano, because the direct comparison set by Oda (through Hitetsu) between Zoro and Oden holds more weight if such feat is accomplished in Wano and not after. Oden the previous holder of Enma who couldn't forge a black blade Zoro the...
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    Break Week Why Zoro doesnt know? Kaido is dead?

    Limbo :finally::finally::finally::finally::finally::finally:
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    Powers & Abilities Baseball team ranking (Worst to best)

    Mihawk and Ace in Red Hair team is sus
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    Fanclub Temple of The Grandmaster Zoro

    That beheaded dragon statue...Maybe...just a guess, it is a foreshadowing for something....
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    Speculations To ZKK deniers, when will Enma turn black?

    So now it's not a problem anymore to see a sentient being getting beheaded? As long as it is Orochi is fine I guess, but God forbid us if it is Kaido, right? I remember distinctly you arguing about how Oda won't let one of the main characters behead Kaido, even if he's a villain. You only...
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    Powers & Abilities Do you believe in those databooks stats ?

    Raw stats means nothing in a manga like HxH In Jojo for example a stand with lower stats can beat a one with higher stats, and Hatsu it's not that different from stand as a concept. Factors like interaction, strategy, experience and intelligence can't be represented by raw stats. However I...
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    Speculations To ZKK deniers, when will Enma turn black?

    There were two comments in Act 2 about Enma: -Enma is the sword that gave Kaido his only and only one scar -Enma it's still not black, and that depending on Zoro it could become black The narrative of the first comment was already fulfilled since that Zoro replicated Oden's feat of scarring...
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    Speculations To ZKK deniers, when will Enma turn black?

    Honestly I think also that he should blacken Enma in this arc because Hitetsu established a direct comparison with Oden stating that not even him managed to blacken it. If black blades were only mentioned it would have another thing, but Oda went to remark specifically that Enma is still not...
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    Break Week What’s more impressive, breaking Kaido’s horn or leaving a scar?

    :fujilaugh: This guy has a better eyesight than yours sneak attack my ass
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    Anime & Manga Isn't it fun to be Sanji fan

    is that really true tho? the only threads about Sanji that I see are about how strong he is compared to XYZ character, how strong the blue fire is, how blue fire is stronger than magma, how he will fight against XYZ character, which powerupp he will have etc. Fujitora and Ryokugyu vs Kid and...
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    Fanclub Temple of The Grandmaster Zoro

    5 == 6? Gosh, Sanji stans always reach new heights
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    Break Week What excuse will people in this forum make when Sanji & Zoro have close bounties post Wano

    The safest bet that one could ever make is that Sanji's bounty will be around the 60% of Zoro's bounty, as it has always been when they had the increase at the same time. I know that Sanji fans dream of a very close bounty like 1.377 B - 1.420 B style, but that will be not the case.
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    Future Events Please enlighten me why ZKK won't happen

    Honestly I don't know what to say given your answer. It has nothing to do with my point.