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  1. Goodman Grey

    Future Events Theory: Luffy will die soon

    Kaido said in this latest chapter multiple times that Luffy is at his limit, and that if he keeps going on he's going to die for sure. We also have those scenes before Luffy awakened gear 5 where it is mentioned that Luffy's voice vanished and there's a lot of talk about death. We know Luffy...
  2. Goodman Grey

    Future Events Is a Kid flashback possible in Wano?

    It seems like there's a lot to explore with Kid and Killer and their friendship. There have been hints of what happened in their past, like how it has been mentioned multiple times that Killer used to beat up anyone who made fun of his laugh. And we've also seen Kid beat up anyone who makes fun...
  3. Goodman Grey

    Future Events The chapter 1004 silhouette and the raid failing.

    Since I'm the only person left that still believes the raid fail, I have to share this theory to get at least one more believer. I believe that the silhouette at the end of chapter 1004 is Toki, and that she will make her appearance after Kaido defeats Luffy one more time in front of everyone at...
  4. Goodman Grey


    Hello, I'm the number one believer in the raid failing theory. It's an honor for you guys to have me.