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  1. korobokkuru

    News One Piece: Vivre Card (Data book)-Discussion Thread

    Her vivre card says she ain't a beast pirate tho
  2. korobokkuru

    Powers & Abilities Black lightning sparkles are a sign of CoC Haki? identify possibe CoC users with panels (Yamato, Sabo, Sanji, Elizabello and Sai)

    CoC black lightning clashes have lightning onomatopoeias while the other don't, so apart from maybe yamato who's generating black lightning by herself and not through a clash, your cases aren't CoC ones
  3. korobokkuru

    Questions & Mysteries Who from roof 5 can block hakai like Zoro

    Zoro used barrier haki and his swords to block it, Luffy can use it too but he is weaponless and the 3 others can't, so I'd say none.
  4. korobokkuru

    Future Events Momo + Yamato join SHs

    Both :gonope: Only Yamato :goyea:
  5. korobokkuru

    Current Events Zoro's Desire to Fight Kaido

    Oda explicitly showed how the 2 SH are the only ones able to really hurt Kaido without relying on "tricks" like he said himself but some people still think Zoro will leave the roof to fight a weaker opponent lmao (King would have been a great opponent for him tho)