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  1. Ashish

    Powers & Abilities What attack should have Kidd done??

    Hello fellas share your creative opinions here I would love a attack like kidd making two giant metal balls full of very larfe spikes and crush big mom between them passing spikes through her arms and legs :moonwalk:
  2. Ashish

    Anime & Manga One piece fans fantasy

    Fantasy of luffy fans :- luffy making akainu fly in a single punch Fantasy of zoro fans :- zoro stopping fujitora's sword with a single hand Fantasy of sanji fans:-sanji stopping kizaru's light speed kick with leg while standing:steef: What is your one piece fantasy, share here :moonwalk:
  3. Ashish

    Powers & Abilities Infusing coc and coating coc are different concepts

    Hi fellows I am making this thread for a balanced discussion so pls cooperate 1637822068 When kaidou or yamato uses ramei hakkei they infuses their clubs with coc they doesn't coat it with coc