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  1. Im_not_Osama_bin_laden

    Powers & Abilities What are the strongest six paths of pain ability?

    Idk if this is supposed to be in the Battledome thing or not but I don't think so. So a few days ago on another forum, I posted the same question and I didn't really get any answer so I'm gonna post something similar on here. I'm just quickly gonna write down their abilities just if you don't...
  2. Im_not_Osama_bin_laden

    Hey :D

    Hey, I'm just a weeb who likes One piece and well just so everyone knows I can get a bit trolly some times. I have a saying. Annoying your friends is the best part of life so get good. Idk I just like messing with people ( not in a bad way but like a funny way I guess ) I'm not from the US or...