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  1. Mr. Bushido

    Theory Luffy Sanji and Zoros bounties

    3.000 Billion - Luffy 1.600 Billion - Zoro 1.377 Billion or 1.507 Billion - Sanji Luffy's bounty would be a clean double. Zoro's bounty would be more than King's bounty of 1.39 bil and Luffy's current 1.5 bil. His newer bounties consistently surpass Luffy's past ones. It's a 5x increase, and...
  2. Mr. Bushido

    Character Discussion One Piece Best Mom/Mother Figure

    No Toki? How did Titi make the cut over Toki?
  3. Mr. Bushido

    General & Others Favorite Animated Attack?

    There's a lot from Wano I could say but... 1st Video: Gyuki: Yuzume was animated very fluidly, and T-Bone's fighting style complemented it. 2nd Video: It's more about the build up. The chant from the very first Sanjuroku Pound Ho was brought back. I dig the art style and the green aura here.
  4. Mr. Bushido

    Questions & Mysteries If ZKK happens, what will Zoro's bounty?

    Zoro will at least have a higher bounty than King (1.39 bil) and current Luffy's (1.5 bil). Zoro's newest bounty is always higher than Luffy's respective past ones. 60 mil > 30 mil 120 mil > 100 mil 320 mil > 300 mil 1.6 bil should be the minimum (x5) with 3.2 bil as the maximum (x10).
  5. Mr. Bushido

    Character Discussion Zoro no mythical zoan?

    Zoro has the 3rd most panel time (behind Luffy & Kaido) in the arc. Yamato stole nothing (she's #12). She might not even steal a seat on the crew
  6. Mr. Bushido

    Break Week With how much this place loves Zoro, how did you guys react when he was sidelined for two years in WCI?

    I was not invested in WCI at all until Luffy vs. Katakuri Gangster Gastino was cool too
  7. Mr. Bushido

    Future Events Is Wano Kuni Saviour The King Of Hell?

    Yup. Zoro will get a chapter titled 'Warrior of Flame' or 'Flame Warrior' where he beheads Awakened Kaido's Shoryu form over the Flower Capital with ACoC Hiryu Kaen. It's just a matter of when. I prefer it happening in the speculated chapter 1056 than 1067.
  8. Mr. Bushido

    Questions & Mysteries Zoro vs Orochi is back on the table, boys

    6 scabbards square off with Orochi in chapter 1009. Those being: Kin'emon, Denjiro, Kiku, Raizo, Kawamatsu and Nekomamushi. In response, Orochi spawns 6 heads in his full Zoan form. The scabbards proceed to decapitate him. Why would one head be left?
  9. Mr. Bushido

    Questions & Mysteries Zoro vs Orochi is back on the table, boys

    Ch. 985 - Kaido beheads Orochi (1) Ch. 1009 - The scabbards behead Orochi (6) Ch. 1048 - Denjiro beheads Orochi (1) That's 8 heads total.
  10. Mr. Bushido

    Chapter Discussion Did Oda Just…?!?!?

    I think it goes like this: 飛竜 - Hiryu (flying dragon) 火焔 - Kaen (flame/blaze) 昇龍 - Shoryu 火焔 - Kaen (flame) 八卦 - Hakke (bauga)
  11. Mr. Bushido

    Fanclub Temple of The Grandmaster Zoro

    Good catch!
  12. Mr. Bushido

    Anime & Manga One Piece Spoilers - The Gaming Room

    Wanks zoro might be needed for patience reasons
  13. Mr. Bushido

    Powers & Abilities Zoro's (fake?) ACoC

    Zoro gets a haki related power-up (King of Hell), but frees himself by holding his swords tighter. Does that make sense narratively to you? lmao
  14. Mr. Bushido

    Future Events IF Zoro does indeed "Kill Kaido"

    Ah, the copium reeks in this thread. From ZKK won't happen to Kadio is in a weakened state.
  15. Mr. Bushido

    General & Others Oda's drafts

    What a load of shit. "Arcs file" :suresure: Did someone break into Oda's office and look through his campus notebooks while he was on break?
  16. Mr. Bushido

    Questions & Mysteries Roger, Rayleigh, Mihawk, Shanks

    They could use different schools of swordsmanship. For example, Brook uses a fencing style. If Oda goes the route where peak swordsmen manifest their spirits like Zoro does with Ashura, then we could see variations among these 4. You know how Susanoo is varied among the Uchihas? Something like...
  17. Mr. Bushido

    Questions & Mysteries Question about zkk

    I think 1056 and 1067 are the popular guesses.
  18. Mr. Bushido

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1048 Spoilers Discussion

    Giant fire dragon huh...
  19. Mr. Bushido

    Powers & Abilities Create a Named Attack for Mihawk !!!

    This got me thinking... Shanks' sword is named "Gryphon" which is named after the mythical creature, griffin. Griffins apparently symbolize the sun. So, similar to how Mihawk can use 夜 (Night) in his attack scheme name, Shanks could use Day. Roger - Divine Rayleigh - Dark Shanks - Day...
  20. Mr. Bushido

    Powers & Abilities Create a Named Attack for Mihawk !!!

    夜王 - Night King or King of Night (Night coming from Yoru, Mihawk's sword) 黒刀 - Black Blade (Kokuto) 夜王黒刀 一 King of Night Black Blade: So, that's my idea for the naming scheme. Advance CoC & Black Blade powered slashes.