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  1. OEKaneki

    One Piece Chapter-1048: "20 Years"

    What a chapter. That clash between Luffy and Kaido was a Roger/WB level clash, higher than even the first time Luffy used CoC against Kaido. The "Monkey King" is elite. Also, Orochi "dying" and Luffy dropping his fist as the balloons that came up requesting Orochi to disappear and for them to...
  2. OEKaneki

    One Piece Chapter 1047: The Sky Above the Capital

    Two big things: First, and the smaller of them, Kaido's chat was great. However, it was literally just chat. For everything he said about haki, and even the slash attack quip, literally nothing he did in this chapter actually worked. Luffy immediately overcame that barrier. And the nature of...
  3. OEKaneki

    Break Week Why was Mihawk‘s presence in Marineford so lackluster?

    "Why did Mihawk feel lackluster in Marineford?" Because he's a bit of a lackluster character.
  4. OEKaneki

    General & Others Oda needs to learn from Kishimoto on how to handle power ups and fights.

    Lmfao imagine saying this when the guy who Oda needs to "learn from," despite having an infinitely more popular story, wrote Sasuke Uchiha, and the rest of his loser family for that matter. The nonsensical hate for One Piece by people that only read it to hate on it is hilarious.
  5. OEKaneki

    Powers & Abilities Do you like it as Luffy is this strong?

    Luffy always bodied his whole crew. How much more did Oda have to spell it out for you guys pre-time skip? On Enies Lobby, we got an actual number equated to it, Luffy was fighting someone who was at least twice as strong as the second strongest person in his crew fought. Zoro acknowledged it...
  6. OEKaneki

    One Piece Chapter 1046: Raizo

    The Luffy vs Kaido fight continues to be awesome. Luffy did the roadrunner again, and the thing where he pulled himself up to avoid Kaido's wind blades was hilarious. I also love how chill Luffy looks when not fighting, just casually bouncing around without a care. Its really a testament to how...
  7. OEKaneki

    General & Others Shanks and Mihawk

    Lol Mihawk/Zoro fanboys will never stop trying this nonsense. Never gets any less desperate
  8. OEKaneki

    General & Others Luffy vs Kaido is the worst fight in One Piece

    Imagine trying to compare a fight between Zoro and someone who would be eradicated by Kaido to Luffy vs Kaido. Its different with Luffy and Kaido because Kaido is a much, much, much higher mountain to scale. He is far stronger than King, and Luffy has always had to struggle more because his...
  9. OEKaneki

    One Piece Chapter 1045: Next Level

    There really isn't much to say about this other than One Piece has ascended even further. This ability is amazing. It's goofy (meep, meep, Luffy!), awesome, creative, powerful, everything that makes One Piece, One Piece. Luffy is amazing, and this power is the absolute perfect match for him...
  10. OEKaneki

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1045 Spoilers Discussion

    Oh my god, he actually used Kaido jump rope. A damn Yonko. That is officially the most disrespectful attack I've seen, more than Goku's Kamehameha to both Cell and Kalifla's faces. This is just gold. I love Luffy's awakening, it's already amazing, and he's not even that good with it yet. Luffy...
  11. OEKaneki

    One Piece Chapter 1044: Warrior of Liberation

    I don't know about the whole thing Oda has with Pandaman, but someone on reddit pointed out that in the panel where Luffy first grabs Kaido, there's a panda smile fruit user there. Pretty funny.
  12. OEKaneki

    One Piece Chapter 1044: Warrior of Liberation

    It wouldn't be surprising if JoyBoy and Nika were the same person, or if both of them are titles referring to the same thing. Another way to describe someone who is joyous is to say that they have a sunny disposition. So calling someone the Sun God could be a reference to their disposition and...
  13. OEKaneki

    One Piece Chapter 1044: Warrior of Liberation

    So first of all, they sent Aokiji prior to Water 7 for Robin (presumably because they viewed Robin as the more immediate threat given rhe dormancy of Luffy's fruit for the past 800 years). Luffy ended up escaping Aokiji becuase he (and Garp) made a sigificant impression on Aokiji. Sending Aokiji...
  14. OEKaneki

    One Piece Chapter 1044: Warrior of Liberation

    No, it actually doesn't matter at all. Knowing the reason why the World Government is in pursuit of him doesn't change the strength oe effectiveness of the admiral that they send. Its like saying Akainu would have been weaker in comparison at Marineford had he not known Luffy was Dragon's son...
  15. OEKaneki

    One Piece Chapter 1044: Warrior of Liberation

    Its not a poor excuse. The fruit was unawakened in the hands of a rookie they probably felt good about crushing, so they sent people after him on multiple occasions, whether it was about the fruit or Luffy is irrelevant (to directly address your last point). It doesn't matter why they were going...
  16. OEKaneki

    One Piece Chapter 1044: Warrior of Liberation

    Don't know why people are insistent on being so obtuse as to not recognize that the World Government is already engaged in a shadow war with an enemy who happens to be Luffy's daddy, someone who is smart enough to wonder why exactly it is that the World Government is mobilizing its forces to a...
  17. OEKaneki

    Questions & Mysteries So why didn’t the WG catch Luffy sooner?

    Smoker was after him in Alabasta and they sent Hina and a blockade after him. They sent Garp after him in W7, while Aokiji was right there. They sent Kuma after him. They sent Kizaru and the Pacifista after him, and Kuma showed up again. They left him to the devices of Magellan, a prison warden...
  18. OEKaneki

    One Piece Chapter 1044: Warrior of Liberation

    The "destiny/chosen one" complaint is a low effort/low qualify troll from people who have hated the series for a long time and were using it as an excuse to bash the series for no other reason than to bash it. There's a reason they were doing it last week, even before we found out what was...
  19. OEKaneki

    One Piece Chapter 1044: Warrior of Liberation

    This is the greatest One Piece chapter in history. There is not an ability more fitting for any character in any medium than Luffy's ability to affect the world around him like a cartoon. I was so happy reading this because this is Luffy at his purest form. He's cackling like a loon while...
  20. OEKaneki

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1044 Spoilers Discussion

    They were fine with the series right up until the point their garbage fanboy theories were recognized as ridiculous and the story completely shattered them.