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    Speculations Enma this Enma that

    But can these characters even hold it without turning into ashes? :beanmean: Law Kidd Sanji Marco Queen King Katakuri :handsup: @nik87 @Aknolagon @Marimo_420 @comrade @Gol D. Roger @RayanOO @TheAncientCenturion @Shanal @ConquistadoR @Gensui Sazid @park_min young @Topi Jerami @Peroroncino...
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    Questions & Mysteries This guy

    The guy on the left is better than oden Lamato tama momo scrubbards combined Pre ts>>>>>post ts @lee33 @Topi Jerami @Gensui Sazid @HA001 @Marimo_420 @TheAncientCenturion @Peroroncino @nik87 @Garp the Fist @Gol D. Roger @MonsterKaido etc
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    Powers & Abilities How come?

    This fodder kidd pirate member knows adv coa Yet killer and kidd are clueless af? @Jailer @TheAncientCenturion @nik87 @zzShinichi @Marimo_420 @comrade @Chrono @stealthblack @ConquistadoR @Shanal @Garp the Fist @Gol D. Roger @Krusher1357 @Peroroncino etc
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    Future Events Kaido's fate sealed by his own statue

    Saw this on twitter and i tought it was interesting Luffy punching Kaido and breaking his left horn is similar to what Ace did to Kaido's statue Now there's another part and thats his statue behaded This is what's gonna happen soon to Kaido by a certain Marimo Kaido said Luffy isnt Joyboy...
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    Anime & Manga How

    How Sanji fans gonna cope when Zoro gonna be a master of all 3 adv haki He already mastered 2 all left is adv CoO and that s gonna happen against Shyriu They always bragged about his CoO and how good it is yet if Zoro gets aCoO and Sanji stuck basic haki How would u feel? @nik87 @Swallalala...
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    Powers & Abilities Goda foreshadowed this

    Goda foreshadowed zoro spliting the sky pre timeskip :snoopy: :crazwhat: ''so famous that even the heaven will hear of my great name'' how zoro gonna do it ? by spliting the sky :joker: @nik87 @Aknolagon @comrade @TheAncientCenturion @Gol D. Roger @Swallalala @stealthblack @BillSlipton...
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    Break Week Goda szn or Reach?

    When Zoro said he gonna be the KoH The reaper showed up on his body? Interesting photo hosting @TheAncientCenturion @Garp the Fist @Gol D. Roger @nik87 @HA001 @Chrono @Jailer @Marimo_420 @ConquistadoR @Shanal @Peroroncino @mly90 @Roronoa-sama @HA001
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    Chapter Discussion Lolda the clown

    Kaido came back from the dome and decided to lie about the alliance @lee33 @Steven @nik87 @TheAncientCenturion @Aknolagon @Marimo_420 @Shanal @ConquistadoR @Peroroncino Mickey mouse manga
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    General & Others Shanks and Mihawk

    New mihawk hype @comrade @Erkan12 @Gol D. Roger @TheAncientCenturion @HA001 @nik87 @Swallalala @Aknolagon @Garp the Fist @AdmiralKinyagi @Cinera @Shanal @ConquistadoR
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    General & Others Oh no

    I tought wings means equals what happened sanjibros We good? I tought queen=king what happened Im sad @Chaves @nik87 @Marimo_420 @Garp the Fist @TheAncientCenturion @Swallalala @Chrono @BleakAsh @Garp the Fist @comrade @Aknolagon @ConquistadoR @stealthblack @Shishi etc
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    Questions & Mysteries What if

    Since last ch it was revealed luffy s fruit isnt the gomu gomu fruit What if Roger tried to obtain the Nika fruit but ate the paramecia one the real gomu:crazwhat: GODA Or he s just a pure swordsman @nik87 @Marimo_420 @comrade @TheAncientCenturion @Gol D. Roger @Garp the Fist @Shanal @Gensui...
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    Break Week Mihawk got finessed

    Poor Mihawk little did he know the reason luffy makes allies and friends is because of god fruit jNika :josad: @nik87 @Aknolagon @Marimo_420 @Gol D. Roger @Garp the Fist @kurohime @WesMidnight @TheAncientCenturion @comrade @Garp the Fist @Shanal @ConquistadoR @Monster Luffy @Peroroncino @HA001 et
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    Character Discussion Roger was insane

    Reading last chapter i realised how insane Gol D Roger was He wasn't the chosen one He didnt had the chosen one fruit of a God and still reached the top :steef: and found One piece Beat Rocks to who had 3 yonko as his subordinate + shiki who was also a top tier He was a D but we got Saul and...
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    Anime & Manga I also discovered this

    Like pre ts Zoro and IJ looks like caesar has also the hottest flames @nik87 @Chrono @Swallalala @stealthblack @Sanji D Goat @Bango🍅 @SwordMaster @Marimo_420 @TheAncientCenturion @comrade @Shanal @ConquistadoR @Peroroncino @Roronoa-sama @Midnight Delight etc
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    Questions & Mysteries Is Yonko the most useless title?

    No one wants to become a Yonko they all want to become the PK Never saw someone saying "i want to become a yonko" @Swallalala @mly90 @nik87 @TheAncientCenturion @Roronoa-sama @style etx
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    Anime & Manga Ifrit

    We learned Sanji s daddy dna powers are blue flames So Sanjino finally caught up with pre ts Zoro level of flames? picture upload sites @BillSlipton @Chrono @Topi Jerami @TheAncientCenturion @Aknolagon @Marimo_420 @WesMidnight @Peroroncino @Roronoa-sama @MonsterKaido @nik87 @Shanal @Gol D...
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    Speculations JNKK

    Last chapter it was revealed that Joyboy and Nika are the same person I think JNika gonna behead Kaido with a sword(Rubber Jesus is possesed and he doesn't kill but JNika does) We saw JNika having a sword Also Oda's words about how Rubber Jesus defeats Kaido(little did we know it's gonna be...
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    Questions & Mysteries King s flames

    People think King with flames on is only durable outside and can be damaged with internal attacks Then how come he was unscatched after he blew himself up Explosions do internal damage As we can see with big mom and luffy @Sentinel @nik87 @Topi Jerami @TheAncientCenturion @Aknolagon...
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    Break Week Zoro nerf + King

    Basically Zoro was 1v2 Enma and King (With enma being the most dangerous opponent)King didnt even came close Because of Enma Zoro got hit multiple times against King + Enma wasted Zoro s Haki in chapter 1032 and 1033 In chapter 1035 the drug also started to kick in meanwhile Enma still trying...
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    Speculations Zoro is dead

    Idk if u take anime as canon but there s some foreshadowing in this Zoro might acually be dead The grim reaper also showed up after Zoro announced he gonna be the king of hell We also know that the underworld exists as brook stated + Zoro has a sword named after the Lord of the Underworld...