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  1. Skiddo

    Character Discussion What do you guys think of Kaido so far?

    I think he's probably the worst Antagonist in OP. Despite having a 10+ year worth of buildup for this showdown he's a massive disappointment and embarrassment. Luffy had a harder time trying to become YC level against Katakuri than he had trying to become Yonko level against Kaido. Hell, even...
  2. Skiddo

    Speculations How efficient would Apoo actually be in a 1v1?

    This mostly comes from seeing a lot of people claim some wacky shit like Apoo being the strongest supernova. So I wanted to make a critical appraisal of his strength We saw in the latest chapter Apoo's attacks carry a lot of firepower, despite not being enough to damage Luffy or Zoro in the...
  3. Skiddo

    General & Others What are your favorite gag/funny moments?

    Always felt this scene was underrated and pretty hilarious. I like the effect Luffy's antics had on a more serious character like Nami.
  4. Skiddo

    News Oda's message about Coronavirus