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  1. Redboy776

    Powers & Abilities Now if there was doubt, Its no longer the case. Oda is going to surprise us with Shiryu, the Suke Suke no Mi awakening will be insane and Worth it.

    If anyone still doubt Shiryu will be very strong, then you didnt read chapter 1044. The Suke Suke no Mi (clear clear fruit) will be revealed to have a secret ability that Can only be used Once awaken which will make the DF, one of the most broken DF of the verse. Absalom was too weak to...
  2. Redboy776

    Powers & Abilities I was right again About Zoro and Luffy

    When Luffy learned ad CoC, I never stopped to Say that Zoro will develop it against King. Now Both Luffy and Zoro Can infuse their CoC will into their Swords/punchs. Now that ad CoC is done, they will receive their last power UP that is DFs awakening and black blade. A black blade and...
  3. Redboy776

    Speculations King is a fallen Swordman of Redline wall.

    I have been thinking about why King has been so against following Swordman honor code in his fight with Zoro. Even going as far as to go for the kill whithout his Sword. What if King was a powerfull Swordman who was betrayed in the past? And because of this he stopped following the Swordman...
  4. Redboy776

    Speculations Zoro's dream

    WE all know Zoro's intention is to be capable to cut Anthing. Aside of Wood, and standard stuff Zoro can already cut in the first chapter he was introduced, we know that Zoro can also: -cut Missile -cut metal ever since Alabasta (Mr1) -cut train (On his Say to EL) -cut through mirage in EL...
  5. Redboy776

    Powers & Abilities What do you think Kaido's awakening will look like?

    Will he remain on hybrid form but get more taller or will he become a massive dragon but with all state on another level?