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  1. roronoa_fan

    News How to read official One Piece for free

    This isn't exactly new, but I don't remember seeing a thread about it, so I'm doing this one. If there are others, I apologize for the inconvenience. You may already know the mangaplus website and app where they officially launch the new chapters. But recently they released, only in the app...
  2. roronoa_fan

    Questions & Mysteries Is red the official color of the ACoC?

    The manga with Roger and Newgate's fight was released in color and Coc's color is red, which had already been seen in the anime, but we didn't know if it was just an anniation effect like Zoro's purple aura. Can we define that the attacks with red lightning in the anime from now on are all with...
  3. roronoa_fan

    General & Others The problem with Zkk

    Let's talk about it. In recent years there have been many indications that Zoro will kill Kaido. For context, I'll name a few. *On the cover of chapter 784 Zoro is sitting on the headstone with Kaido's number and on his shirt it says "Who laughs last laughs best" in Spanish. *There are the...
  4. roronoa_fan

    Questions & Mysteries Roger and Shanks were never the strongest. Luffy will be?

    It has already been said in Newgate's Vivre Card that he was already the strongest even before Roger's death. That doesn't mean Roger would never beat Newgate, but it does mean that if they fought countless times, Newgate would win more. The same goes for Shanks and Mihawk. Databook Red says...
  5. roronoa_fan

    Speculations Oda will nerf Zoro for him and Shanks not to fight.

    Oda likes to nerf Zoro so that the story goes as planned. He did this in Arlong Park so that Zoro wouldn't defeat Arlong when he got there before Luffy. He did this in Sabaody so that the crew would not escape the pacifists and arrive in the new world without knowing the haki. Mihawk's vivre...