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  1. Roosta

    Speculations Why Yamato will defeat Kaido (and Luffy will defeat Big Mom)

    Warning: This is a long post (>2500 words). If you don't want to consider the possibility that someone besides Luffy (or Zoro) will defeat Kaido, turn back now, it's not worth your time. I am also only talking about what happens before the raid ends, so nakama discussion is irrelevant here...
  2. Roosta

    Speculations Yamato's "identity crisis" isn't what it seems to be

    Oden's journal contains a prophecy about how strong pirates will enter the New World and help take down Kaido. Yamato appears to be having an identity crisis, spouting off seemingly inconsistent lines left and right. However, Yamato has not once denied their birth name; what Yamato doesn't...