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  1. notAfanboy

    Questions & Mysteries Sanji not on roof piece biggest mistake that ruined the manga

    Black Maria plot > Cringe Sanji on roof top? 50-50 If he could use Raidsuit then yes, otherwise, no.
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    Discussion Power How much power in % is Saitama exerting right now ?

    Yes, definitely, you got the point. We have already seen Superalloy Darkshine. How an ordinary human can be that strong? The baldness and the shine! Hence proved, shining baldies >>>> Any monster/hero. King is an exception though :pepelit:
  3. notAfanboy

    Discussion Power How much power in % is Saitama exerting right now ?

    More importantly, is Garou Bald? No! Power in OPM is equal to level of baldness, the more hair you have the less powerful you are. No one can beat the caped baldie :okay:
  4. notAfanboy

    Discussion Power How much power in % is Saitama exerting right now ?

    0.01% at max :risitexcla:
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    Chapter Discussion Jujutsu Kaisen - Chapter 189 - Tokyo No. 2 Colony, Part 8

    I am glad that Gege is also taking breaks. Will be driest week in a while,
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    Spoiler JJK 189 Spoilers

    Domain expansion (DE), Hakari's DE is Restless Gambler, Hakari also got unlimited Cursed Energy (CE), But he is not a complete package as he lacks offensive techniques, unlike Gojo or Yuta,
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    Spoiler JJK 189 Spoilers

    @RayanOO Lets have a poll for strongest DEs, I think Hakari's DE is top 5, 1656149662 He is extremely lucky, author stated that at the start, so Gege is not hiding it. However, it does not help to solve the issue of plot armor. There is something missing in this fight, the same thing that was...
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    Spoiler JJK 189 Spoilers

    Hakari not using any offensive technique is what bothering me. And, definitely, the Jackpot Jackpot no mi Model; Infinite cursed energy.
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    Spoiler JJK 189 Spoilers

    Great! Exactly, I was thinking about DEs used in Shibuya. In comparison, these domains are very different. 1655892437 So, basically Kashimo killed himself? :gokulaugh:
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    Spoiler JJK 189 Spoilers

    True, it is strange though, DE has sure hit effect, but in case of Hakari, what would be that effect?
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    Episode Discussion Toyotaro interview reveals that Broly, Bills, Whis, and Grand Priest are stronger than current Goku with iS.

    I love watching some DBZ, BUT... I dont understand what all of you are talking about here (multiverse level power scaling). Just a casual reader here, keep going, :ihaha:
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    Spoiler JJK 189 Spoilers

    Probably, DE has sure hit effect, so he has a 100% chance of winning a jackpot. I dont think there is a way to kill this character just like Gojo. He can be sealed though, not weird at all compared to Gojo. Just that his technique is not explained, as all of you said.
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    General & Others Next Strawhat Crew Members and the Grand Fleet

    Its better, people should stop simping for a furry, or shipping Chopper × Carrot.
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    General & Others Next Strawhat Crew Members and the Grand Fleet

    Dont remember when I voted here, but it was for Yamato. The probability of her joining the SHs increased further after Sukiyaki's reveal. He can be there for Momo instead of Yamato. Momo will stay behind and join SHs grand fleet and bring his own Samurai-Mink army along with Zunisha to final...
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    Spoiler Tower of God Season 3 - Chapter 130

    Back to mid chapters, things were going in the right direction, but now... :gonope:
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    Questions & Mysteries Why the YC2s Sucks?

    Most of the Zoro hype comes from Mihawk, so they base their theories and EoS Zoro power level in comparison to Mihawk. Mihawk will turn out to be a joke and we will find out Shanks has been holding back against Mihawk :kuzanshut:
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    Future Events Everyone jumps on the Greenbull bandwagon, but don't get too hyped up, he's just a good cliffhanger for a month long break | what to expect from him?

    What else should we expect? Law, Kid and Luffy are emperor status! Aight if you think an admiral can take on 3 emperors (even though not as strong as an Emperor in his prime). If GB mid diffs them, their bounties should be reversed, they dont deserve this threat level. The best he can do is...
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    Versus Battle Kashimo vs Geto

    Kashimo is great, but I wont disrespect Geto, he is the goat. I still think he is alive somehow and will fight against Kenjaku for control of his body (maybe wishful thinking only). I remember Kenjaku mentioned lack of control over Geto's body, so maybe it is possible. Deaths are common in...
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    Versus Battle Kashimo vs Ryu and Uro

    If Uro and Ryu have synergy then they can win, otherwise Kashimo takes the win. I dont think Kashimo has DE, so will be a tough fight.