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  1. Chrono

    Current Events Admirals vs Ancient Zoan recovery ?

    So most Admiral haters say that King and Queen were still healing and mostly damaged and what not.... However this was Akainu 2 days after taking an attack more devastating than Dragon Damnation and Beef Burst combined. So 2 days after taking an island splitting attack....Akainu is fully...
  2. Chrono

    Future Events Scopper Gaban will save the Allaince from Greenbull

    Imma spit out a crazy theory. Here we go:- 1.) Ryoukugyu coming to face the reminicient of Kizaru coming to face the SHs pre timeskip. However they were saved by Rayleigh. This time they will be saved by Roger's other strongest man. 2.) This dude talking to Crocus in a coverpage is...
  3. Chrono


    Coming out in a few days.
  4. Chrono

    Powers & Abilities Carnivourous Plants - Ryoukugyu's true power

    And im not talking about Usopp's fodder venus flytraps....but a Top Tiers OP Monster Plants. Weve already seen how OP and Hax Ryoukugyu made nameless branch attacks...I wonder how OP his Venus Flytraps or other Carnviourous Plants will be.
  5. Chrono

    Powers & Abilities The power to control fauna and flora.

    Very interesting how Oda showed us the power to control Fauna ( Tama's DF) at the start of the arc...and the power to control Flora (Ryou's DF) at the end of the arc. Makes me wonder if Tama's DF would be far more powerful in the hands of a Top Tier. Like full psychic control over anyone who...
  6. Chrono

    Powers & Abilities Admiral fruits that counter each other

    Ice vs Magma:- Equal I think. A lot of people say Ice Freezes Magma. But weve seen Magma melt Ice as well. Plant vs Light:- Plant wins. Light is very destructive...however GB may constantly be buffed when fighting the Light User due to photosynthesis Plant vs Magma:- Magma wins. Magma destroys...
  7. Chrono

    Current Events Will Zoro and Sanji take credit for taking down all Calamities ?

    So in this scenario... they would also get the credit for taking down Jack as well. Why's that ? - With what happened with the Captains, Law and Kidd's bounties got inflated even though they had nothing to do with Kaido's defeat....same may happen with Zoro and Sanji. - The Minks and Inu arent...
  8. Chrono

    Character Discussion Admirals vs Yonko - Which do you like more

    - Which side do you like more - Who is your favourite Me: - Admirals - Ryoukugyu or Aokiji. Since Aokiji defacted...I'll go with Ryoukugyu.
  9. Chrono

    Future Events Blackbeard is the Moria of Post Timeskip

    Pre timeskip mirrors Post Timeskip Arlong = Hody Croc = Doffy Meme or Katakuri = Enel Lucci = Kaido Moria = Blackbeard Akainu = Akainu Blackbeard Pirate arc will be a similar theme to Thriller Bark in my eyes. Somewhat Horror arcs with tricky opponents. Heck some of the Thriler Bark DFs and...
  10. Chrono

    Powers & Abilities Which Marines have Conquerors haki

    Sengoku confirmed CoC user. Garp soft confirmed....((plus cmon the dude doesnt even have a DF)) Who else in the marines has CoC ?
  11. Chrono

    Powers & Abilities What will Pizzaro's DF be ?

    Seems like he has a Cat theme going on...similar to WsW as well. The BBPs all have tricky high lvl fruits with Devon even having a Mythical Zoan Fruit. So im thinking Pizzaro also has a Mythical Zoan Cat Fruit My idea for his DF:-
  12. Chrono

    Future Events Wings vs Admirals

    Which do you prefer Zoro and Sanji vs Fuji and Ryou Zoro and Sanji vs Kizaru and Ryou (you can swap them around) Zoro and Sanji vs Fuji and Kizaru I prefer the first option. However the other 2 options are possible. The second option could happen if Fujitora decides not to fight the SHs. The...
  13. Chrono

    Speculations Zeff used to be in Rocks

    Heres a theory about Zeff being in Rocks 1.) Firstly we know Zeff used to be in a famous Pirate Crew before making his own. Pre- Stephen Paul Viz states Zeff used to cook for a Famous Pirate. However Stephen Paul's translation shows that Zeff used to be a Cook in a famous Pirate Crew. So...
  14. Chrono

    Versus Battle Admirals vs Hokages

    Location:- Hidden Leaf Restrictions:- Hokage's have Haki Hashirama, Tobirama, Hiruzen, Minato and Tsunade vs Akainu, Aokiji, Kizaru, Fujitora and Aramaki Matchups are dependant on yall...
  15. Chrono

    Break Week Would you rather be a Martial Artist, Samurai or a Ninja

    Im kinda torn.....leaning towards Ninja.
  16. Chrono

    Powers & Abilities Admirals are literally FS users

    I mean theyre literally getting stabbeb and cut by haki....and its doing nothing to them. FS is the staple in being a competent Logia in the NW. Maybe if Smoker had FS he wouldnt have loss so much.
  17. Chrono

    Current Events How low does Kizaru stock go if he fights Sanji ?

    We know if Sanji fights Greenbull, people will just easily claim Aramaki is the weakest Admiral. If thats not enough, they'll use the out of context Reverie scene for "proof". However Kizaru is interesting. We have Oda soft confirming Kizaru > Aokiji, and a lot of fans even speculating Kizaru...
  18. Chrono

    Powers & Abilities Queen still bandaged from Beef Burst

    Queen still has banadages on his torso where Beef Burst landed... Whereas King has no bandages on his torso where Dragon Damnation landed King took Dragon Damnation in his Zoanless Flameless form....and he still healed from that shit....yikes.
  19. Chrono

    Future Events My predication of how Greenbull vs Allaince goes

    A lot of people think GB will look bad against the allaince. A lot of people think he will get defeated as well....but i'll try to explain why thats unlikely. - The allaince has just gotten praise, bounties and world wide acknowledgment. Just like ZKK not happening post bounties...we wont be...
  20. Chrono

    Chapter Discussion Shimotoski genes hitting Zoro hard this chap

    Not only did this chap confirmed family genes enhances your body. It also enhances your potential. Momo can now become the strongest swordsman in Wano because of Oden body and potential given to him..... Now how does that apply to Zori. Well he has the genes and potential of Ryuma's genes...