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    Road to Laugh Tale Booklet

    You guys don't get it, Yoru is the real WSS and Mihawk is just there to hold it; just like Enma with Zoro. Ararara !
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    General & Others Is Luffy a top 5 manga MC/protagonist?

    Pre-Ts ? Yes top 3 even Post-ts ? Not even top 10
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    Character Discussion Since ZKK did not happening, lets attack Kid, Law, and Sanji

    Typical reasoning of an immature (I hope) or a moron (more likely). Instead of trying to elevate Sanji, he prefers dragging Zoro down... Get your head out of your ass and stop being a living inferiority complex.
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    Current Events The dialogue confirms, with 0 ambiguity, that King and Queen tried to fight Ryokugyu. Update: The OFFICIAL dialogue makes it worse.

    I warned people in 2019 that YCs are ''scrubs'' and that any admiral would mid diff...I was laughed at for saying Katakuri gets mid diffed by Luigi... I don't even blame the people since Oda has the tendancy to overhype the immediate antagonist
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    Speculations What could Buggy have done to become a Yonko?

    He managed to create the biggest transport organisation in OP world and gathered a huge amount of followers. Yonko is not about individual strength (even if it plays a part) but more the amount of territory/followers and Buggy is a champion in that regard.
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1053 Spoilers Discussion

    A liar always tells the truth except when he is lying :suresure: No wonder why people keep doing the same mistakes over and over again...
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1053 Spoilers Discussion

    People jump to conclusions without any nuance whatsoever. First, Oda doesn t use any logic when drawing a fight, he only goes by hype. Second, King and Queen got out of a fight a week ago where one was grilled hard and the other nearly cut in half. Third, even Akainu wasn't able to neg diff...
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1053 Spoilers Discussion

    Admirals are based on Loda's favourite actors. Akainu is even the most beautiful with the best face bone structure man ever according to our favourite fraud (Oda)
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1053 Spoilers Discussion

    You have to be completely braindead to think Admirals were YC1 level after Marineford.
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1053 Spoilers Discussion

    So glad Buggy became a Yonko but here's a huge issue; - WG don't want Yonko allying - Buggy was in Rogers ship with Shanks and was his best friend/Rival - Buggy helped Luffy in ID and MF What do they expect ? Are the Gorosei total morons ? I don't understand !
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1053 Spoilers Discussion

    Shanks fans were right all along, he never rivaled was Buggy
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    Break Week People who rooted for ZKK answer me this (I was rooting too)

    ZKK is a theory not a brand of Yogurt; it doesn't have a deadline and will only stop being relevant when the crew leaves Wano.
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    Break Week People who rooted for ZKK answer me this (I was rooting too)

    ZKK will not happen because I kept repeating it to myself over and over again. This is how things work in life, if I don't want something to happen, I say it Outloud 126 times and then it doesn't, even if everything points to it. An example you ask ? Sure 1+1 =/= 2 126 times later... 1+1 =/= 2...
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    Speculations ZKK will happen when Zoro visit the Ryuma's grave

    Great thread ! All hail ZKK ! All piss on Oda !
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    Character Discussion Please explain how Sanji relying on his friend is "embarrassing"?

    Needing help from nakama is nothing to be ashamed of but context is important. In the case of Sanji, there are several issues : - Sanji has a real problem with women and I'm not talking about gags and nosebleeds; he is ready to sell his mother if a ''beautiful woman'' is in play; he did it as...
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    Break Week Is Zoro racist or coincidence?

    Hahahhahaha if anything, Oda is racist and wants to show Japanese racism since Zoro is the ''japanese guy'' of the crew
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    Questions & Mysteries Was Dadan right? Did Garp choose his job over his family?

    He was wrong indeed. I personally lost all respect for Garp as a character after MF. In retrospective, his rebelious attitude towards the marine is cowardly; why refuse promotions to become admiral when it is the clisest thing to ''power'' which would have allowed him to at least try and change...
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    Character Discussion Sanji's Gag is getting old and played out.

    Sanji on the train to EL : ''Nami-san'' Waits for Nami to respond Nami: ''Yes Sanji ?'' Sanji : ''and all the other idiots'' :suresure: Funny and smart humor Today it's all about ''I wanna smell your hair...and more while ignoring your cringy disgusted face.''
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    Character Discussion Be Like Luffy: Respect People for their Effort, not their Strength

    D: Hello Oda Sensei. In chapter 655 of volume 66 in the scene where everyone is eating deep sea fish bento boxes, Robin says "Delicious," Luffy and Usopp are going "munch munch," but only Zoro is going "crunch crunch." Did Sanji put razor-blades in Zoro's bento, as promised? Penname- Gillette...