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  1. LolonoisZolo

    General & Others Revenge/Vengeance in One Piece

    Hello everyone, ''Revenge'' has never been a thing in OP, everytime someones fights to ''avenge'' it doesn't work or partially. A few examples come to mind : - Law in DR; got his ass hnded to him by DD ne couldn't accomplish his ''revenge''. - Minks against Jack; they ''beat'' him but he is...
  2. LolonoisZolo

    Powers & Abilities Bartolomeo is invincible ?

    After the latest chapter, it is safe to say that Bartolomeo cannot get hurt... Oden sure isn't the strongest in the verse but he is no pushover, still couldn't do anything against the barrier. ''King Punch'' is supposed to ''hurt'' a Yonko and did shit to the barrier... Do you think it is...