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    General Chat

    My goodness Funimation's site is buggy trash, the marathon feature doesn't work on a laptop, nor the next button. I'm still within my 2 week free trial, and the only reason I signed up was to watch the newly released dub of OP without commercials. However, as of today episodes 601-628 should be...
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    Manga Discussion Solo Leveling

    I really loved part one, so much so that I went ahead and read the light novel that covered the rest of the story. It's a good one for sure, but the Manwha I really love right now that I'd love to see get the anime treatment is Weak Hero. Grey Yeon is my spirit animal. 1603802114 It's started...
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    Yo Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho! Hello Everyone!

    I'm Brook's Brew. It's nice to meet you!