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  1. Bob74h

    Versus Battle Yuuchirou (Owari No Seraph) vs Hunter and shadow (Spider Riders)

    Anime versions Standard equipment
  2. Bob74h

    Versus Battle Chilled (Dragon Ball) vs Dodoria's men (Dragon ball)

    round 1 has animated special versions Round 2 has composite versions. settting, vegeta 1657173840 Both are roughly on the same level, Giving base bardock some damage and getting damaged by him themselves so thought it was a good match
  3. Bob74h

    Versus Battle Lord Boros vs Boro's Species member

    The guy who blitzed blast and tanked his attack Or The guy who was kicking saitama around
  4. Bob74h

    Versus Battle Galactic Prisoners vs Universe 6

    Anime version of the universe 6 team, Manga version of the prisoners No, Full powered seven three or kelfa Round 2 Composited versions of the characters Full powered seven three is used here and kelfa would be allowed
  5. Bob74h

    Versus Battle Android 21 vs Cell Max

    Who wins,, Dr Hedo's creation or his grandmother composite versions, Standard, gear motivated to kill but within character
  6. Bob74h

    Questions & Mysteries Why did blast struggle with a member of boro's species, if he's way stronger then boros?

    Legit gets blitzed by this member of the boros species He even fails to hit it with his cannons that or it did no damage Boros is said, To have abilities beyond his species I in particular have physical prowess beyond your conception, Meaning his abilities should exceed any boros race...
  7. Bob74h

    Versus Battle Kabuto vs Log

    Sage mode kabuto Anime versions of both characters
  8. Bob74h

    Versus Battle Could of hunter steel had defeated the insector robot, Had sparkle not painted the ball?

    yes or no, this is a spider riders thread btw
  9. Bob74h

    Versus Battle Tatsurion the unchained (Kaijudo) vs Chomp the triceratops (Dinosaur King)

    Both are using animated versions and both are motivated to kill this is the wiki page for both characters,it%27s%20talking%20voice%20was%20done%20by%20Michael%20Reisz...
  10. Bob74h

    Questions & Mysteries my boruto rewrite thread

    Momoshiki First off, He needs to have a motive and since he has none proper in boruto, in my hypothetical remake would be looking for revenge on who defeated kaguya as they were partners in the past. boyfriend and girlfriend. this also helps to make momoshiki relateable and explain why kaguya...
  11. Bob74h

    Questions & Mysteries how did deidara get back, his arms?

    One was completely crushed by gaara and what remains of it were in the sand village certainly as that's where the arm was taken off of deidara's body The other was teleported to the kamui dimension so no way he's getting that back
  12. Bob74h

    Versus Battle Randy Orton vs Flyod Maryweather

    WWE RING NO rules, just hand to hand Who can knock the other out first
  13. Bob74h

    Questions & Mysteries Why is kaguya planet level for creating dimensions but not tobi who created the kamui realm/dimension

    If the logic being would be kaguya planet lv for creating dimension then why would the same logic not apply to obito?
  14. Bob74h

    Questions & Mysteries Was fugaku justified in wanting to use kurama to kill everyone?

    Im curious what your opinions are on this matter
  15. Bob74h

    Why does the wiki list kagami uchiha as shisui's descendant, The manga says he was shisui's father?
  16. Bob74h

    Versus Battle Yoruichi Shihoin (Bleach Anime) vs A, Jr (Naruto Shippuden Anime)

    Rules No manga just anime stuff Setting kumogakure A, jr has both of his arms here Head of the shihoin clan The Fourth Raikage
  17. Bob74h

    Versus Battle Kinshiki Otstuki (Boruto) vs Gerald Valkyrie (Bleach)

    Rules Manga versions of both characters Setting, Here Gerald Kinshiki
  18. Bob74h

    Versus Battle Edo Deidara (Naruto Shippuden) vs WA Gaara (Naruto Shippuden)

    Who would win in this rematch Does gaara win unlike last time or no Rules Anime versions and filler are allowed Setting, War arc battlefield Conditions are, Gaara in the war arc would be sent to handle deidara instead of sai and kankuro In character.
  19. Bob74h

    Questions & Mysteries Is this the next super saiyan form?

    We already got pink,red,blue,yellow,white,purple,green and orange I think we know what's next