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  1. Bf-37

    Current Events Round two?

    Are the Tobi roppo done? Out of the ones currently involved in fights with the SHs, Who’s who, Sasaki, and Black Maria, it looks to be that they’re getting taken out one after the other. But are they out for good, or are they coming back with a prehistoric vengeance? I’m not gonna lie, I want...
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    General & Others Scabbards rank and future

    Who are your favorite members of the Scabbards and why? Personally I like both Neko and Inu, as well as Kawamatsu. Neko and Inu have been cool to me since Zou, from their character designs, personalities, rivalry, and story building implications. Kawamatsu, because I’m glad fishmen are still...
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    General & Others Power-up Transformations

    Power-up transformations are cool, and none experience more than in the medium of shonen manga, and One piece is no exception. However unlike other series One Piece gets them sparingly, they are few and far between. But I’m always excited and surprised to see them. Like with Moriah’s Shadows...
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    Theory Jack, son of Whitebeard

    (Updated edit) I had this idea upon the introduction of Weevil in ch.802 and Jack’s first full appearance in ch.810, but it was further bolstered with the introduction of Yamato. That’s because the idea of another emperor, who isn’t Big Mom, having a child came up once again. So did my...