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  1. Courier

    Powers & Abilities Monster Trio vs Admiral Trio

    Will the monster trio admiral including Akainu and Kizaru have their own logia monster point? We never see Akainu and Kizaru use their monster form tho . It will be very cool when we see monster trio Luffy , Sanji & Zoro vs monster logia Akainu , Kizaru and Aramaki . :stealthblack:
  2. Courier

    Future Events Sanji vs Kizaru in Film red

    We can see after kizaru do yasakani no magatama . Sanji kicking it :finally::finally::finally:
  3. Courier

    Future Events Strawhats vs CP0

    Will there be any member of SH vs CP0 happening soon? Choose the possible Member of SH to fight/clash with CP0 . Reason for fight is to Save robin 2.0 . For me , I will choose Sanji , Usopp and brook . Maybe 3 of them just happen to hold the CP0 from kidnapping Robin. Not a full war ...