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  1. RoronoaZorro

    Character Discussion Yamato's role is hinted in SBS v103

    Even though she doesn't join the Straw Hats, there is actually a real "role" for her to do in the ship: Guard. 1. The existence of Guard role itself Before we guess a nakama candidate's role, the role itself must be either makes sense, present in the story, useful to the crew, and/or different...
  2. RoronoaZorro

    General & Others Volume 102 Final Volume Cover

    Official Link : Far away in a Sanjibro's imagination, bluish white flame + lightning on the right leg, black haki flame + lightning on the left leg, and dual CoCting knife. Impossible to happen, but still a nice fanfic idea.
  3. RoronoaZorro

    Questions & Mysteries If you can have a Straw Hat Pirate as a mentor, who would it be?

    1. You can choose only one character (BONUS: Yamato) 2. They will have favorable impression of you (good respect, appreciation, etc) 3. They will agree to whatever reasonable request you would have during the mentorship 4. You will spend one year with them 5. You can choose any location in One...
  4. RoronoaZorro

    General & Others Oda might want to respect Sanji by including him in V100 cover, but..

    .. if anything, it may even lead to the fans mocking him more. - First of all, yes, Volume title and characters in Volume cover don't (have to) correlate with each other. Second, Oda's intention is probably hyping up Sanji and Zoro as Luffy's wings, hence both are in it. However, you CAN'T...
  5. RoronoaZorro

    Questions & Mysteries Are you opposed to Straw Hat Pirates (Yamato included) having more CoC users?

    Luffy and Zoro having it is a lock since they're battle-oriented characters that have a goal to conquer something and/or people. What about other SH then? Will you like it if SH have several Conquerors? - For argument's sake, let's include Yamato as SH. We used to think that black lightning...
  6. RoronoaZorro

    General & Others Haoshoku Haki, Hard Work, Destiny, and Top Tier Players

    Greetings, I wish you guys are blessed with good health. There is one topic across the world that pique my interest these days, something along the lines of "Is having CoC necessary to be on top?" and "Is having CoC undermine Zoro with his hardwork theme?". As we all know, this kind of...
  7. RoronoaZorro

    Powers & Abilities Raid Suit is a necessary addition to elevate Jinbe's position/status/standing

    Before RS, one of Sanji's plus trait is him fighting solely using his body. This feat, no matter how much you dislike Sanji, is what makes him unique. He fights without weapons (Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Franky, Brook) or devil fruit (Luffy, Robin, Chopper). I bet this quality net him at least several...