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    Questions & Mysteries Theory bout this Cover from way back when

    Thought this cover when it came out was just some popular characters versing each other but latest chapter got me thinking theres maybe more to it then that. Sabo vs Sanji :zorothink:
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    Bye I’m going on a month break
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    The "National Treasure" of Marejois

    :pepebusi::pepebusi::pepebusi: @AverageNamiEnjoyer @KonyaruIchi
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    I forgot to introduce myself
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    Character Discussion Nami is a soverign

    :finally::finally::cheers: When Luffy and Nami first meet in the East Blue When Luffy and Nami first go into the Grand Line When Luffy and Nami reunite and enter the New World for the first time Luffy and Nami reunite in the Whale Forest on Zou Luffy and Nami are saved by the...
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    Character Discussion bad thread

    bad thread
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    Powers & Abilities Nami will get conquerors Haki

    Each main female pirate of the last eras has conquerors Haki; Big Mom and Hancock. It only makes sense that the main female pirate of this era has it as well. Oda has also hinted at it in a gag in Wano where he juxtaposed the scene of Luffy knocking out everyone in the prison with Nami...
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    Questions & Mysteries What is Nami’s real heritage

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    General & Others Wano is top 3 worst arcs in the series

    I feel sorry for people who have real busy lives and have kept up with Wano this long. Must have been a struggle