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  1. Blother

    Speculations [Theory]: Blackbeard & Luffy

    To show disrespect or Power to another Yonko, an opposing Yonko would ask the first Commander or RHM to join their crew. Also Roger asking Whitebeard for Oden (who was like a brother/RH to WB). Going forwards, I think it’s not too farfetched for Blackbeard to ask Zoro to join him. It fits...
  2. Blother

    Character Discussion How did Zoro fans predict Zoro would be on the roof?

    This question goes out to non Zorostans/fans/etc. I don’t want Zoro fans to answer this bc of how stupidly obvious of a question it is. But to other fan groups, how did Zoro fans know Zoro would be here and would cut Kaido? If I rmmbr correctly ppl were saying for Years Zoro wouldn’t see...
  3. Blother

    Chapter Discussion [1001 Spoilers] What is your perspective of Zoro's Ryuo?

    In 1001, Zoro says, "Is that the Haki he learned from that Old Man in Wano?". I'm under the assumption there's three Armament Stages. 1. Armament Hardening 2. Emission 3. Internal Destruction I think Zoro only has Emission at most and not Internal Destruction. What do you guys think?
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    Black Clover Episode 158

    This is the start of the canon material from just after the timeskip. It was a good watch. Link down below.
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    Speculations Vegeta/Nappa vs Goku and Co.

    Yo I haven’t watched the full fight, but that jawn mad similar to the BM/Kaido fight against Luffy and Co. Nappa/Vegeta ~ Kaido/Big Mom Goku ~ Luffy The squad ~ Law/Zolo/Kirrer/Kid Luffy walks past Yonko Kaido/BM. Goku walk past Nappa/Vegeta. Goku bends down to check Piccolo. Luffy checks on...
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    Character Discussion Luffy vs All Villains w/ Current Strength

    This is a speculation of Luffy versus past villains with his skillset, Haki mastery, and current devil fruit capabilities, and how I think a low diff or what a max single attack Luffy would need. For some opponents he might knock them out for an extended period of time with the particular move...
  7. Blother

    Character Discussion Is Mihawk the only Top Tier that takes opponents seriously?

    I’m focusing on the Strawhats and Worst Generation as a Collective. Big Mom/Kaido treat them like bugs. Are overconfident (as they have the right to be ~CoC users). That will most definitely be their downfall. - Doffy was prepared but was still arrogant. - Katakuri took Luffy srsly but he...
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    Future Events Yo how long this Wano Arc gonna last?

    20 More Chapters? :gonope: 40 More Chapters?:whitepress: 60 More Chapters?:josad: 100 More Chapters?:smart:
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    Character Discussion Why is Sanji so weak?

    Not a shitpost. If you are One Piece Manga Reader like I am, you’ll notice that throughout the Post Time Skip Sanji has just been so damn weak. He’s been relying on sneaking and blindsights/cheap shots for almost all attacks. And when he does, they don’t do much. 1. Had to double team Wadatsume...
  10. Blother

    Character Discussion Will Eustass Kid become a Great Pirate after Wano?

    We all know Luffy will get the One Piece. Will Kid clash with Luffy to get that? Will Kid say fuck it and just rule over the New World? How big of a fleet does Kid need to attain and would Luffy engulf Kaidos territories? What do you guys see Oda doing with him going forwards?
  11. Blother

    Anyone fuck with cars

    Y’all know anything about cars, modding, especially if u live in the states?
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    Theory Kaido is a Dragon + Wano Predictions

    I think Kaido is a dragon Big Mom mentions the three races she does not have in her country to King. This is an odd thing Oda mentions in the middle of Big Mom being held captive. (Chapter 951 pg15-17) I believe the three races are - Kings Race - Kaidos dragon race - Giants I think Kaido is a...