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  1. ranady

    Versus Battle Whitebeard Vs Escanor

    Place: dressrosa - limitless noon Escanor (not "one" mode) - healthy oldbeard without any sickness Duel of strongest man. Who would win?
  2. ranady

    Your top 10 fav books ever read?

    I'm a bit bored and wanna try something new, it's reading a book. It doesn't have to be 10 actually, if you have more than 10 then it's better, or if yours is less than 10 it's no problem. If you have so much recommendation books with various genre, you can classify the top 10 based on its...
  3. ranady

    General & Others Any "I've change my mind" experiences?

    As the title says, it's when you used to think that "opinion A" is the best one, and then at some time, for some reason you change your mind and think "opinion B" is better. It could be a character's character, power level, thought on best or worst arc, or etc. Of course this is all about...
  4. ranady

    Versus Battle General Ri Shin vs Zoro

    General Ri Shin (Kingdom) vs Roronoa Zoro (One Piece) - location in mihawk's island - this is general ri shin post Gyou Invasion arc - this is pre wano war zoro, zoro fighting without CoA, pure swordsmanship without CoA magic R1: ri shin using ouki's glaive R2: ri shin using his own sword
  5. ranady

    General & Others Your top 10 One Piece Chaddest Chad?

    Mine: 1. Lord kuri 2. Mihawk 3. Whitebeard 4. Zoro 5. Doflamingo 6. Crocodile 7. Benn beckman 8. Rayleigh 9. Akainu 10. Roger
  6. ranady

    Questions & Mysteries Marco's role in wano?

    With marco finally join the alliances, it makes the matchup in wano war become harder to predict. From what i see, marco vs king is a very good matchup because they have parallel and similarity. Both of them are first commander. And they have similar DF (birds) and can fly. They also have fire...
  7. ranady

    Questions & Mysteries What makes marco changed his mind to go wano?

    When nekomamushi asked marco to join force in wano, marco initially refused to join because he want to take care of that island (forgot the name) from weevil's havoc. But later on, on chapter 981, marco showed up in wano along with nekomamushi and izo. So why did finally he change his mind? And...
  8. ranady

    Questions & Mysteries What other manga similar to kingdom?

    So i just finished reading kingdom until chapter 641 and 642 (spoiler). I'm so addicted with its story so that i finished 641 chapters under 1 week lol. So i want to ask your recommendation of manga with similar genre/story with kingdom, something like ancient warfare, ancient fighting style...
  9. ranady

    Questions & Mysteries Being specialist on one particular haki = strongest on that one particular haki?

    Well i'm talking about when oda said that luffy is CoC specialist, zoro is CoA specialist, and sanji is CoO specialist in SHP crew (i forgot where he said that). If we take captain luffy as an example, does it mean luffy's CoA is weaker than zoro's and his CoO is weaker thab sanji's? Or maybe...
  10. ranady

    Questions & Mysteries Could akainu's magma penetrate CoA haki?

    For example, if WB applied fullbody CoA haki, could akainu's magma alone (without haki) destroy WB's head into half and make a hole on WB's chest? Note: i'm assuming WB didnt cover his body with CoA when akainu destroyed his body, as many people believe WB couldnt use haki due to sickness
  11. ranady

    Powers & Abilities Most frightening devil fruit?

    In my opinion, sugar's df is the most frightening one because it literally erases someone's existence in instant. And what makes it more frightening is how simple it works, just touch the enemy with his/her palm, the enemy will turn into a toy and instantly the memory of him/her in the entire OP...
  12. ranady

    Questions & Mysteries Dumbest One Piece Theories You've Ever Heard/Seen

    First of all, i respect all theory makers who spend their time to make their own theory. So this thread it's more like theories which is too weird, crazy or unrealistic to be true. But if you think it's dumb, it's okay tho lol. So here are some dumbest theories i've ever heard/seen: - big meme...
  13. ranady

    General & Others Difficulty of battle/fight

    In determining a battle between 2 or more guys, we usually use the level of difficulty like extreme diff or high diff. I can see it clearly to determine an extreme diff fight (akainu vs aokiji), but it's a bit hard to know whether the fight is on mid diff or high diff. So, could you guys list...
  14. ranady

    Discussion Power Who is the strongest Sennin Mode User?

    In naruto so far we know that there are 4 ninjas who can use SM. They are naruto, jiraiya, kabuto, and hashirama. I will consider them as: - sm naruto when he fought pain (with pa) - sm jiraiya when he fought pain (with ma n pa) - sm kabuto when he fought itachi n sasuke (karin, jugo, suigetsu...
  15. ranady

    Powers & Abilities Can katakuri foresee this kind of attack?

    FS is the advanced version of observation haki, and only few people could do it (so far only katakuri and luffy). When luffy learned this ability during hisfight against katakuri, we see that being able to feel the intent of what ones going to do is the key/basic to use FS. Meanwhile in skypiea...
  16. ranady

    Future Events Which will happen first: Luffy having war against WG or Luffy becoming PK?

    As we all know that Luffy's dream is to become a PK. Usually the dream of MC is accomplished at the end of the story, for example Naruto becoming Hokage happened at EOS. But, knowing that in OPverse there's still WG, i dont think Luffy will become PK at EOS. Therefore, Blackbeard will not be his...