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  1. Kurozumi Seven7

    Powers & Abilities The WSS title is all skill 👌

    As proven here Zoro has extreme skill in lifting. He also uses his swords in a way that skillfully allows him to stop the Hakai attack. Look at Hakiman Shanks this here this is what true Strength looks Like Mihawk could only dream of doing this. @Erkan12 @Tejas I've seen the light Shanks...
  2. Kurozumi Seven7

    Speculations Will Nami use Conqueror's Haki in the future?

    Just remember that Oda teased Zoro’s CoC with a gag I know it's not the same thing Oda teased Zoro having CoC all the way back in Sabaody. But we can't be too sure. Oda loves gags becoming true :kayneshrug: @AverageNamiEnjoyer @OnePiss
  3. Kurozumi Seven7

    General & Others Is this the same man who wrote Fishman Island?

    The very arc in which they say you shouldn't push your hatred onto the children. The same arc in which they show what discrimination could do to a race Now it's suddenly ok for the wano citizens to do it. Isn't it the same discrimination that lead to Orochi and Kanjuro taking over wano Guess...
  4. Kurozumi Seven7

    Character Discussion Who's Your Favorite Character and what's your favorite trait about them?

    I'll start my favorite is BB. I love how he's an archeologist while also being fairly silly at the same time.