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  1. Chocolatemuppet

    Questions & Mysteries Why didn’t Kaido recruit Urouge?

    Because he didn’t want smoke ma. D monk Now that I got the obligatory urouge joke out of the way. Why didn’t Kaido recruit him, we know he’s always looking for strong subordinates so why didn’t he do the same with him? We know he offered kid, killer, and Hawkins. He presumably could’ve flown...
  2. Chocolatemuppet

    Questions & Mysteries Who will stall Kaido while Luffy defeats Big Mom?

    Besides a minority of kid fans who thinks he will beat big mom no Luffy required, I think it’s a conensus on this forum Luffy will defeat big mom in wano. But that begs the question what will Kaido be doing as Luffy’s fighting big mom? Just sit around? Heres a list of candidates I believe can...
  3. Chocolatemuppet

    General & Others I thought Luffy was going to 1v1 Kaido what happened?

    The intelligent people on this forum told me this was confirmation that it was all on luffy now what happened?
  4. Chocolatemuppet

    General & Others Reminder that if you’re rooting for Killer to beat Hawkins you’re supporting someone who was cool with killing a child

    All this talk about Hawkins being a coward, but show me a panel of him trying to kill a kid this post was sponsered by Hawkins gang
  5. Chocolatemuppet

    Questions & Mysteries If Zoro’s attack had connected in chapter 1002 would he have killed/grievously scarred Kaido without acoc?

    Title. would zoro have done all this with just his monstrous armament and strength?
  6. Chocolatemuppet

    General & Others The lost detail of the last Hawkins and Law encounter

    Note before we begin let me make it perfectly clear I believe law is stronger then Hawkins i am not arguing otherwise. Hawkins pretty much says it himself Anyways to the meat of the post You‘re all familiar with this pic and most people just assumed law low Diffed fucked Hawkins up. He...
  7. Chocolatemuppet

    Future Events If Luffy dies eos, wouldn’t Zoro automatically become top 1 of all time?

    Explanation: unlike Rayleigh I don’t see zoro going into retirement after his captain is gone, he’ll keep on training and improving himself and since Luffy isn’t getting stronger since he’s dead, Zoro would surpass the strongest version of Luffy by default.
  8. Chocolatemuppet

    Break Week So Mihawk is by far the best teacher in the series right?

    I don’t think there’s anyone debatably close to him but I’m open to hear an alternative Garp maybe?
  9. Chocolatemuppet

    Current Events What is Law’s role now?

    Since it seems he’s going down to the dome what will he do it now? Be on fodder control? fight a calamity? fight cp0?
  10. Chocolatemuppet

    General & Others Zoro scarred HYBRID Kaido while being HALF DEAD

    Title. This is the guy Doffy and kat supposedly could’ve beaten? While you yonko fans, and Sanji fans cry yourself to sleep tonight just remember he did all this whole injured😏
  11. Chocolatemuppet

    Character Discussion Oda had to exclude Zoro from WCI because he was too strong

    Title. He was simply too strong to be in the arc the only one on the enemy side who would‘ve been able to stop him is big mom herself. Could you imagine in a Sanji centric arc, zoro bodying opponents stronger then luffy at the time. crazy to look back at it all in hind-sight.
  12. Chocolatemuppet

    General & Others I thought when Kaido turned hybrid it was going to one shot city, what happened?

    All you intelligent yonko fans told me the supernova were going to be knocked out next time we saw them? What happened?
  13. Chocolatemuppet

    General & Others Only Kaido vs the 5 supernovas on the roof, how does the fight change?

    Let’s say big mom had to go to wholecake mid raid for some reason or got amnesia(doesn’t matter). All the conditions are the exact same and the 5 supernovas get to the roof and are only met by Kaido. Now that the novas don’t have to focus on two emperors, How is the fight going down?
  14. Chocolatemuppet

    General & Others How did Shanks>Mihawk become so popular?

    I know it has a lot to do with youtubers almost all of them seem to think shanks is stronger then Mihawk and they are influencers so most people will just follow their lead, but why did most of them just huddle around this thought? I used to be shanks>Mihawk to until I thought about It for more...