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    Versus Battle Scorpion vs Ryu

    Scorpion Vs Ryu Who Wins?
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    General & Others Which do you prefer? Swordsmens or Martial Artists.

    I know swordsmanship is also a martial art, but I'm asking in terms of skill. I'm not asking which is stronger, I'm asking which you prefer: Swordsmen (who fight with swords or blades) or Martial Artists (who fight with fists or legs)?? TEAM Swordsman Or TEAM Martial Artists
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    Versus Battle Bang/Silver Fang Vs Garp

    Round 1 Prime versions Prime Silver Fang Vs Prime Garp Round 2 Old Versions Old Silver Fang Vs Old Garp Who Wins?
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    Bike or Skate?

    No middle ground, either you choose one or you choose the other. Or My Opinion: Bike>>Skate
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    Versus Battle What is the Best Manga Art?

    •Sorry, Bait Title, let me rephrase the question: Out of all the Manga you've read or know, which one has the Art that works best for you? •Don't worry, my dear, Daddy @Eagle , brought some images to help you in your answer: •As I said, here are SOME images, but...
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    Speculations Final War Predictions General Thread

    •Who will participate in the War?? Which characters will return? Which PUs will we see? Which fights will we see? Who will die?Which character do you hope to shine in the Final War?what do you expect to see? •Post here your Predictions/Bets/Theories and anything else like that about the Final War.
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    What game marked your childhood?

    Post here a game that marked your childhood a lot ( POST ON MAXIMO TWO). Me first: (7 years old) (9 years old) Your time. :kata:
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    How was your time at School?

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    Character Discussion What will be the 10 most popular One Piece characters in 2022?

    This was the list of popularity rankings for One Piece characters last year: This list was a big surprise to some people because some characters are above others, highlighting Nami being in front of Sanji but that's not the focus. But... Fact is, since 2021 a lot has changed. The Manga moved...
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    Let's Laugh a Little

    Let's laugh a little:
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    Character Discussion Sabo is the LAST PERSON who can be called "Emperor Flames" Lmao.

    Hmmmm...Let's remind some Fire Users. •King -The dude is from the Lunaria Race who lived on the fucking Grand Line and whose main skill is creating and manipulating fire. He even uses his flames to reduce the damage of the attacks he receives, in addition to having fire named attacks such as...
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    Powers & Abilities What is your favorite One Piece Attack?

    -Post here your favorite One Piece Named Attack Me first: (Aokiji's Ice Age)
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    Character Discussion Zoro's "Downplaing" is real?

    Title(and poll) 1658183174 @ShishioIsBack , @Franosuke , @Boiroy
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    Movies you don't like or hate.

    Post here the movies you watched and didn't like or hate. Me first:
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    Break Week Which Portrait is Better?Become The Most Feared by Marines or Become the World Strongest Swordsman??

    Based on your opinion, which portrait is better? "Become the Most Feared by Marines" Or "Become the World Strongest Swordsman"
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    Is Batman v Superman a good movie or not?

    in 2016, it premiered that would be one, the most controversial superhero movie ever made. but this movie is the kind you either like it or you hate it, so tell me: do you think Batman v Superman is a good movie or not?
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    Post your favorite fictional Villains

    Thread designed for you to post and discuss your Favorite Fiction Villains. It can be from a Movie, Series, Game, Anime, Manga, Comics, Book, I don't care, just post them. Me first: - Hans Landa( Inglorious Bastards) - Gollum(LOTR) - Joker( Batman Arkham) Now its your turn.
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    Current Events Wano Arc Review(1000-1053+)

    Wano arc isn't fully finished yet but I think there's more than enough for us to discuss. Well I'll start by saying my opinion about the general events of Wano more specifically from chapter 1000 to 1053, then I'll give my final verdict and then I'll ask you some questions. -The 5 Rooftop and...
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    Chapter Discussion Thoughts on Ryokugyu/Green Bull's reveal

    Finally, Admiral Greenbull was revealed. What did you think of Ryokugyou's reveal or should I say....Aramaki. What did you think of his DF reveal? What did you think of his design? What do you think you will do against the Alliance? My Opinion: Seeing him negging diffs King and Queen has...
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    General & Others Naruto's Iceberg Part 1

    -Tobi is Obito - Tobi is Izuna This is an old theory that says that Tobi is Izuna, and for those who don't know, Izuna is Madara's brother. The theory is inconsistent and nowadays it has already been disproved - Minato's Parents Tsunade and Dan are Minato's parents. This is a theory that has...