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  1. Nouryoku

    General & Others Times the anime did better

    What are some scenes do you think the One Piece anime adaptation handled better compared to the manga? I think a good example would be the gear 2nd debut. Compared to a more brief showdown in the manga the anime makes Blueno's comeuppance even more brutal adding attacks like jet spear and...
  2. Nouryoku

    Questions & Mysteries Missing admirals from Roger's era

    Admiral Kitsune and Film Z aside, will Oda ever adress this in the canon? We know from the Strong World one shot that 25 years before the start of the series Sengoku was an admiral while Garp was a vice admiral and Kong was the gensui which leaves 2 empty spots. Note: The scan translated...
  3. Nouryoku

    A sub-forum about One Piece facts, informations and trivia.

    I'm not sure if this suggestion was ever made here but Oro Jackson used to have a whole board dedicated to list informations and facts about the One Piece series called "THE BOOKS OF OHARA". "One Piece is a...
  4. Nouryoku

    Future Events Which one of these characters do you want to see the most?

    Vote in the character you are most excited to see being introduced in the story. I only included characters with a certain build up. Vegapunk: The number 1 scientist in the One Piece world was first mentioned by Koby back in chapter 433 but he has yet to be properly introduced in the...