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  1. Zarathos

    General & Others How many years will end ?

    THIS 1-Saga ends 2-Oda announce one piece will end in 5 years 3- New saga start 4- People return following one piece cause they think is about to end in 5 years 5-The new saga is exactly like the previous ones , the fandom get bored and start leaving 6-Saga end with no real changes in the...
  2. Zarathos

    Break Week Alternate Scenario: Kaido wasn't on an expedition when Ace inaved Wano. What happens?

    Ok hear me out At first Ace and Yamato wil try multiple times to beat Kaido, but they will always lose After a year they will become more than just friends and start a love relationship After the birth of their first kid, Ace will became more responsible and start working for Kaido...
  3. Zarathos

    Powers & Abilities Does anyone else think Poseidon kinda sucks compared to Uranus and Pluton?

    The problem is that the sea kings get used as hype tolls They show up , people start panicking and then a random character get introduced by one shoting the sea king It's happens a lot of times during the story and now you can't take them seriously as a threat But being able to control...
  4. Zarathos

    Future Events Enel WILL Return, As An Ally

    I am pretty sure that Enel can be a problem to everyone , he doesn't really need top tier haki to be a threat With the maxim he can literally erase islands from the map just like Imu did , and his lighting would be pretty devastating on the sea ecosystem and people in general What Enel really...
  5. Zarathos

    Powers & Abilities In Nami's eyes, Zoro is the strongest.

    Was there any doubts in the first place ?
  6. Zarathos

    Future Events Enel WILL Return, As An Ally

    The battle of Gods Luffy and Enel vs Imu :finally::finally: Yeah but the same was for Crocodile pre-timeskip , if Enel return he most likely to get some buff like Croccoboy Maybe on the moon he learn about events of the void century and now want to return on the blue sea
  7. Zarathos

    Questions & Mysteries Why didnt Imu shift delete Ohara?

    The most realistic answer is that Imu didn't exist back then and that Oda came up with the idea of his character only after the timeskip
  8. Zarathos

    Anime Discussion Goblin Slayer

    It's been a long time since i watched it , and i still need to see the movie Besides that , it's a good series, unfortunately most people don't even start it because of the rape scenes Btw, Goblin Slayer have some really good top tier waifu on it , like the Guild Girl , Priestess, Elf...
  9. Zarathos

    Versus Battle Kaido vs acnologia

  10. Zarathos

    Speculations Is Enel Uranus?

    I think that Uranus is the moon itself rather than Enel , but that just my headcanon :mrgo:
  11. Zarathos

    Character Discussion Shanks Character Decoded

    Remember " Shanks is gonna make his move , i mean movie" ~ GODA~ Seeing how things as be going on lately , the fight between Shanks and BB would happen offscreen And then they would say Shanks got killed by BB , only to reveal later that...
  12. Zarathos

    Dungeon Raid the Great Tomb of Nazarick!

    This seems like a solid team even though i don't know nothing about King Hassan :josad: Btw do you think Touma will be able to nullified something like the " the goal of all life is dead " ? Cause that ignore defense and immunity ( from what i know ) , even against creature that normally are...
  13. Zarathos

    Dungeon Raid the Great Tomb of Nazarick!

    I don't know about the anime but in the manga she has created ice soldiers ( actual name : Ice Calvary , on chapter 67 )
  14. Zarathos

    Dungeon Raid the Great Tomb of Nazarick!

    This is my team : 1 - TEAM LEADER Subaru Natsuki from Re:Zero 2-THE ATTACKERS Acnologia from Fairy Tail Esdeath from Akame Ga Kill 3- THE SUPPORTS Merlin from Seven Deadly Sins Aqua from Konosuba Sakura from Naruto Acnologia and Esdeath are incredible fighters, they would clean...
  15. Zarathos

    One Piece Chapter 1057: Final Curtain

    Yammato got introduced with 3 purposes : 1- Helping Luffy and alliance during the raid 2- fan service ( she really has a cool character design ) 3- Oden wank Now that she accomplished her purposes there's no need for her to be a part of the story , until Oda decide to bring her back for more...
  16. Zarathos

    Manga Discussion Fairy Tail

    God Serena really should stop changing factions , cause it never ends well for him :pepecry: Btw I'm happy of his return , hope this is the original one and not a copy or a weaker version of him I really wanna see all his dragons slayer lacrima in action and if possible even fight against...
  17. Zarathos

    Versus Battle Zazan vs Entoma vs Mosquito Girl

    Mosquito Girl would win this battle but Entoma has won the war by being the best waifu :endthis:
  18. Zarathos

    Versus Battle Warrod Sequen (Fairy Tail) vs GreenBull (One Piece)

    I mean Warrod admitted to be weaker than Jura , GB would win this pretty easily and the facts he is a rogia user make this matchup more one sided Even if he wanted , Warrod can't really damage GB in any way :josad::josad::josad: