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  1. Simonayonka

    Future Events About Zoro's last battles in the manga.

    Zoro vs mihawk será al final, es sentido común que zoro cumpla su sueño al final de la historia no antes.
  2. Simonayonka

    Announcement Worstgen third anniversary year

    Felicidades! Saludos desde México.
  3. Simonayonka

    General & Others Zoro and Sanji, Wings of Pirate King

    I am Mexican, and in the official Spanish version it was translated as "one of the wings", just as it was said in the sbs.
  4. Simonayonka

    Questions & Mysteries How will the Zoro/Shanks interaction go down?

    Zoro doesn't care about the second best swordsman, only the first
  5. Simonayonka

    Powers & Abilities So Zoro and Roger can send air bar out

    A sword master may or may not cut.
  6. Simonayonka

    Character Discussion Kaido is the real tragedy of this arc (The most disappointing plot line in Wano)

    A Oda se le salio de las manos todo esto, no sabe que carajos hacer
  7. Simonayonka

    What's your job/profession?

    Arquitecta 😋 y soy mexicana
  8. Simonayonka

    Announcement A Loss In Our Community

    Descanse en paz en la eternidad.
  9. Simonayonka

    Powers & Abilities Zoro's block was a second....

    It seems that someone does not know what "figurative sense" is.
  10. Simonayonka

    Speculations Smoothie's opponent at Wano

    Smoothie vs Brook Smoothie ability will not be able to juice Brook because it is pure bone yohohohohoho.
  11. Simonayonka

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1007 Spoilers Discussion

    Las dos opciones viables para mí son: Kanjuro, -Puede hacer dibujos exactos que son indetectables para las vainas rojas -Es un gran actor capaz de interpretar el papel de Oden. -Kaido mató a orochi un kurozumi como él -kanjuro ya no recibirá lo que orochi le prometió --------------...
  12. Simonayonka

    Future Events Will Luffy fight admirals

    Yes, im sama > almirantes > yonko Perfectamente equilibrado.
  13. Simonayonka

    Future Events Will Luffy fight admirals

    Is seriously? Luffy to be a pirate king must be above the other pirates, But the story does not end there luffy must fulfill the will of Joy Boy and that will be after reaching Laugh Tale and becoming PK Luffy will defeat the world government after that, That's why admirals> yonko Sorry...
  14. Simonayonka

    Character Discussion Wano is Zoro's Arc.

    Of course it's from zoro, the same sanji's seiyu said it
  15. Simonayonka

    Speculations I think next time we go to the roof it will only Kidd Luffy and Law standing

    In Latin America we call this type of publication "arenosas", They only seek to raise sand like a storm in the desert