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  1. dereshi

    One Piece Chapter 1018: Jinbe vs. Who’s Who

    Nice chapter. Jinbe was so badass. RIP WW. (I wonder how the powerscaling between Jinbe and Sanji's gonna change) Sun God => Dawn => Will of D => Joy Boy? I'm sure these're connected in some way.
  2. dereshi

    Chapter Discussion [Opinion] Luffy The Pirate Christ-When A Protagonist Ruins A Story

    Yeah. Not a Kid or Law superfan but they really had worst luck by having Luffy as a rival. When Kid was laughing along with Killer (cuz Killer can't stop it due to the defective smile), it was seriously heartbreaking. At Dressrosa too, I was expecting it to climax with Law vs Doffy (cuz that...
  3. dereshi

    General & Others How would you write Onigashima war/raid ?

    No Big Mom, no Big Mom Pirates (cuz what were they for in this arc exactly...?) Also No Marco, cuz he's there just to make the shs look cool jk. No Tama or I'll have her df replaced I'd put cliffhangers instead of silhouettes I'd offscreen the running instead of fights Each act 25 chaps or...
  4. dereshi

    Chapter Discussion Oda not making sense by having Who's who going to jail.

    If I had to guess... Lucci had the rest of the CP9 protecting him post-Enies Lobby (from the cover story), which is why he didn't get captured. WW, on another hand, was presumably working alone. If WW had friends among the CP9, they could have helped him just like in the cover stories. Another...
  5. dereshi

    General & Others World building: good or bad ?

    Oda's worldbuilding is good. The concept of devil fruits, the uniqueness of the one piece world map, bizarre islands and weather, these all make the reader constantly curious on what the next island's gonna be like. It's not perfect of course, as I find some grand line 'islands' pretty meh.
  6. dereshi

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1017 Spoilers Discussion

    - Who's Who was imprisoned 12 years ago when the Gomu Gomu no Mi was stolen from a Navy ship. - Who's Who spent 10 years in prison and saw Jinbe just 2 years ago when he was still a Shichibukai. - Who's Who says he was surprised to see a Rookie (Luffy) appear 2 years ago who had eaten the Gomu...
  7. dereshi

    Character Discussion I can't bring myself to like any of the Straw Hats post skip

    I agree, this is why pre-timeskip is miles better for me. Oda made us love this set of 9 people, while nicely blending in the islands, the mysteries, the overall story... The SHs post-ts were pretty meh, sure they still get some screentime, but Oda stopped developing them. Now it feels like Oda...
  8. dereshi

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1017 Spoilers Discussion

    I know, there were lots of clues arcs ago. Just had a mini 'woah' moment earlier while reading the spoilers. It didn't really surprise me that much
  9. dereshi

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1017 Spoilers Discussion

    Luffy just became a destiny kid huh