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  1. phatltse62882

    General & Others How many years will end ?

    at least 5yrs. maybe between 5 and 7 (include ODA's break and special time).
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    Character Discussion Coby The Hero is the new Garp and future rival of Pirate King

    Coby is a cheap fucking knock off, the cheapest version of Garp.
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    Speculations What is the end of Luffy's dream?

    destroy the world to free it out of human.
  4. phatltse62882

    Character Discussion RANK THE STRAWHATS + NEW NAKAMA

    people put Sanji above Zolo alot than I expects :)). would zolo's great time be ruined ?.
  5. phatltse62882

    Powers & Abilities Sanji's observation haki is insane

    Strong coO user can sense strong coO user too. Luffy admits Sanji's coo is too OP and that's right.
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    Powers & Abilities Post Timeskip Usopp was a mistake

    at least he could learn about it. he too young but that has a large chance for him to understand about the tech later.
  7. phatltse62882

    Powers & Abilities Post Timeskip Usopp was a mistake

    true , after Sanji's RS got destroyed , Ussop's potential could be destroyed too. He really excited to Germa's tech but Sanji ruined it. If Sanji didn't do it, Ussop could research and upgrade the suit also create one for him self. f*ck LODA , Ussop was my 2nd fav. :((
  8. phatltse62882

    General & Others Why did Oda make Jimbei stronger than Sanji?

    no dude , Jinbei has no chance to win against Sanji in 1vs1 serious fight (Sanji post-Wano). the bounty will just impact a little part of character, you cannot use this judge Sanji or Jinbei who is stronger. but I can make sure that Sanji at EOS can beat 10x Jinbei at time.
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    Questions & Mysteries Sanji's EoS Bounty in comparison to Mihawk's?

    If at the EOS , Zoro beats out of MH shit , so Sanji > MH also his bounty too.
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    Powers & Abilities Zoro with FS or FS killer?

    Zolo the FS killer :))) ZKK stop dreaming that. ZKK => now ZoloFSK :)). I'm laughing so hard. those abilities are from ZKKtard's dreaming :))).
  11. phatltse62882

    Speculations Will Nami use Conqueror's Haki in the future?

    that's why she can punch hard to zoro sanji luffy.