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  1. Momonosuke

    Speculations Who is Caribou working for

    I'm leaning towards either BB or Crocodile. I also assume that whoever he is working for will go after the ancient weapons which will be considered a declaration of war against the strawhats since both wano and fishman Island are territories Luffy claimed. With that being said I think a war with...
  2. Momonosuke

    Character Discussion Kaido and bm's devilfruit

    If you could choose any character who is still alive and relevant to inherit the devilfruit that used to belong to kaido and big mom, who would get which one?
  3. Momonosuke

    Break Week Spoiler withdrawl character theory discussion thread #1 SABO/ revolutionary army

    Since we have a month off and surely won't be receiving any spoilers in the near future, let's discuss a different topic each week about the world outside of wano that we want answers about. For the first week's topic of discussion, predictions for the news about sabo. What do you think...