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  1. The Dark Flame

    Powers & Abilities What devil fruits do you want the rest of Blackbeard’s crew to have?

    So we know the devils fruits of five members of Blackbeard’s crew already: Blackbeard- Gura Gura and Yami Yami no mi Shiryu of the Rain- Suke Suke no mi Catarina Devon- Inu Inu no mi (Model: Nine-Tailed Fox) San Juan Wolf- Has an unknown devil fruit that allows him to increase his size...
  2. The Dark Flame


    Just wanted to pop in and introduce myself. I’ve been lurking on this forum for a little while, and you all seem very fun to chill with and talk about One Piece, so I decided to join in on the action! I’ve been a pretty big fan of OP for about a decade. Also, I’m a fan of a lot of other shounen...