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  1. nik87

    Fanclub Temple of The Grandmaster Zoro

    It's not FS, it's something even better. :kuzanshut:
  2. nik87

    Anime & Manga One Piece Waiting Room - Nintendo Edition Greatness!!

    ZKK scared people too much, Biggie-chin. The fandom wouldnt survive through ZKB.
  3. nik87

    Break Week Greenbull having a black blade would be good news for Sanji fans

    Sanji breaks GB's sword while Zoro breaks Mihawk's sword. How does that make Sanjino>Zoro? :ronalaugh:
  4. nik87

    Powers & Abilities Is Rayleigh a Confirmed ACoC User Now?

    He was leaking haki when he stopped Blackbeard so yes. Any top-tier swordsman that has no other ability has aCoC. Only Shiryu is questionable due to recently obtained DF.
  5. nik87

    Fanclub Temple of The Grandmaster Zoro

    Zori is a demon in the human body, he is a green Kaido. :goyea:
  6. nik87

    Fanclub Temple of The Grandmaster Zoro

    I dont think Toei can fix the mess that Oda made.
  7. nik87

    Break Week Another W for Sanji fans!

    Great character moments or facing the strongest in the world... You gotta pick something, Swallolo-chan, cant have it all. And we know you like the stuff that Zoro gets so... :saden:
  8. nik87

    Character Discussion Is Mihawk important for the storyline?

    You can say that for the last ten years and both Emperors that were having decade-long build-up. Mihawk, on the other hand, is the backing power of perhaps the most important organization in the OP world. After all, Buggy is the only clown that can beat Luffy in clownery. :goyea:
  9. nik87

    Character Discussion Everything Zoro said should not be taken seriously

    Still having Zoro nightmares? :ronalaugh:
  10. nik87

    Character Discussion Coby The Hero is the new Garp and future rival of Pirate King

    Zoro top1 simply hits different, eh? :goyea:
  11. nik87

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1061 Spoilers Discussion

    Does this mean Franky power-up arc? :fransuper:
  12. nik87

    Questions & Mysteries Was Rocks D Xebec the previous holder of WSS title?

    He gave both WSS and WSM to Ryuma as well. Then, as you already know, is wielded by current strongest swordsman in the world. And will be wielded by the future strongest character in the OP world. These WSS fraudsters ruling the world. :goyea:
  13. nik87

    Break Week Morj just called Zoro the VC, as a Jinbei fan I'm sad :(

    The guy who orders the captain around cannot be a mere VC.
  14. nik87

    Questions & Mysteries Was Rocks D Xebec the previous holder of WSS title?

    So far, Oda have given WSS titles only to those who were strong enough to achieve a Black Blade. Unless he retcons it, Rocks doesnt have a Kokuto and probably wont get the WSS title either. However, in every era, at every point, someone was Strongest Swordsman in the World and Xebec may have...
  15. nik87

    Powers & Abilities Momo's Potential

    Narrative wise, Oda can push for the strongest character in OP. Realistically, cant surpass Zoro. Unless he gets a counter for Asura.
  16. nik87

    Speculations What is the end of Luffy's dream?

    Warrior of liberation wants to liberate the world. What else... :luuh:
  17. nik87

    Powers & Abilities Gandhi gorosei is the true WSS

    A representative of Power by default cannot be weaker than a representative of Fame. @Ryuarashi :goyea: