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  1. bittersweet

    Manga Discussion Terra Formars

    @Finalbeta, made the thread for us.
  2. bittersweet

    Choose Your Own Adventure Planning/Discussion

    Hello, Welcome to the Choose Your Own Adventure planning and discussion thread. Before I begin, I'm going to explain the gist of how a CYOA works. Some of you may be familiar or have participated or read one before (think Goosebumps Give Yourself a Scare), so feel free to chime in and help...
  3. bittersweet

    Ask me threads?

    Do you guys have a section to do member question and answers? I was glancing around and couldn't see one; but, I figured I'd give a shout out and ask to see if I'm just blind.
  4. bittersweet


    Hello everyone! New member of the community here, looking to make a lasting impression and contribute to the community as a whole. Hope everyone is keeping sane during this trying time and maybe with the large number of locales under stay-at-home orders, we'll see a resurgence of online...