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  1. Enma

    Questions & Mysteries Now that i think about it, what happened on this panel?

    I talk about the moment when Zoro used Asura on Kaido If you look at it, there are some strange things you can find. First is the third panel where Zoro prepares his attack. You can see Kaido swinging his club to attack Zoro, but for some reason he shouts "UGH!!!" and you can see those white...
  2. Enma

    How much do you weigh?

    We already have "How tall are you" thread, so why not? How much do you weigh? Is your weight mostly from muscles or fat? Do you wanna increase/decrease it?
  3. Enma

    Future Events What will happen to Zoro?

    Since we know that Zoro, along with Luffy and Kidd got separated from the rest, and it's a given that he lost, who do you think he will run into? Or what will happen to him? Edit: Aight, he's not lost, but either way, what do you think will happen with Luffy, Zoro and Kidd the next chapter...
  4. Enma

    Future Events Which of the Strawhats can you imagine as a parent?

    It is time for a strange questions. Which of the strawhats do you think fits for a parent role? My thoughts are: 1. Luffy. Well, he does not fit for this role at all. 2. Zoro. Same with Luffy, but i think he would be a better parent. 3. Nami. I can see her as a parent, Punk Huzard proved it. 4...
  5. Enma

    Speculations What if Yonko attacks a Celestial Dragon?

    We know that if someone dare to attack a Celestial Dragon, then Navy sends Admiral to deal with that man. But what if it's not a no name civilian or pirate, but Yonko himself? What would Navy do?