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  1. Lukegranders

    Speculations The bomb in Onigashima is the way to get rid of the world government

    The bomb on onigashima is the biggest reveal in the recent chapters. We also know now that the word government has entered wano to take it for themselves I think they will use the bomb to get rid of the world governments it’s the perfect weapon to make sure they can’t take wano. Someone...
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    Powers & Abilities Which my hero character would have conquerers haki

    The top 3 for me are stain miruko Bakogou
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    Speculations No one died in chapter 1014

    No one died and it was all an act. This is a trick by kanjuro. Look at kinemons head. They didn’t anticipate kaido would show up so the plan will fail but buy enough time for whatever the goal is. Think about it why did kinemons sword break if he knows haki? The reason for this? The reason they...
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    Speculations Lock thread

    Lock thread
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    Future Events Lock thread

    1 chopper. Zoro left chopper in charge of the live floor and entrusted him with the antidote. Choppers monster point can only last for three minutes but dozens of minutes have passed so far in onigashima. Queen will defeat chopper and zoro will want revenge. 2 king King is an aerial fighter...
  6. Lukegranders

    Break Week Marco won’t help Kidd against hig

    Marcos plot line and whole point being in wano is for kaido and for luffy. Marcos promise is to ace and Whitebeard nothing to do with big mom kidd or anyone else, Marco has been stalling the calamities for their real oppponents zoro and sanji. Marco has nothing to do after that point. Zoro...
  7. Lukegranders

    Future Events Volume 100 big moment

    1. Kidd making big mom bleed 2. Some sort of revelation about Kidd raiding whole cake or his father who I think is captain john 3. Reveal of the last two silouhettes on onigashima I think it will be number 1 because of a separate theory here...
  8. Lukegranders

    Break Week Kidd won’t use advanced armament but electromagnetism to damage Big Mom

    Kidd already said we will do things our own way. The chapter he makes his entrance big mom uses an electromagnetic attack. This can be his way of hurting her. Instead of advanced armament he would use electromagnetism. a maser canon is an electromagnetic weapon. A maser is electromagnetism...
  9. Lukegranders

    Future Events How I think Luffy loses round 2

    I think luffy will lose temporarily in this round. I think kaido has awakening but there’s a secret about him before that. I think this will be revealed by big mom. I think kidd and law will be fighting big mom then big mom will mention how straw hat is up there alone and gonna lose just like...
  10. Lukegranders

    Future Events The yonko fights will turn into 2v1 until later

    1. Kidd and law teamed up against a pacifista in saboady. Law is mostly undamaged like Kidd. Kidd and law will team up against big mom just like the pacifista. Any theory that kidd is gonna fight anyone else has been in the garbage since 1011. He isn’t looking to get revenge on apoo queen king...
  11. Lukegranders

    Break Week What’s your 1012 predicitons

    My three guesses are 1. Nami gets zeus 2. Hiyori reveals herself to zoro and law and she is accompanied by onimaru 3. Kidd finally intercepts big mom at the end of the chapter
  12. Lukegranders

    Future Events All of Hawkins predictions will fail

    Hawkins is a STRAW MAN Hawkins character development is realizing his cards are useless. Oda doesn’t tell you who’s gonna die in advance. He will never do that. People need to get over it. People saying killer will die or the one percent person will die don’t make any sense. Odas never gonna...
  13. Lukegranders

    Chapter Discussion Zoro doesn’t have broken bones

    law never said his bones are broken but they could have been from hakai. That changes things
  14. Lukegranders

    Future Events Reasons why Kidd will take down Big Mom

    1. Kidd is luffys main rival. Blackbeard doesn’t even consider luffy a rival and luffy doesn’t even care for balckbeard shown in fishman island when luffy didn’t care when his name was mentioned but was mad when akainu was mentioned 2. Luffy and Kidd have been depicted like kaido and big mom...
  15. Lukegranders

    Future Events Why it’s a possibility Zoro fights King

    1. Zoro vs king seems impossible after zoro has come to the roof but it may not be especially after 1009. 1009 showed us zoro coughing up blood and blood seemingly coming out of his nose. Oda could have also been hinting of zoro “dropping out” in last chapter 2. Zoro and sanji throughout the...
  16. Lukegranders

    Chapter Discussion Is zoros eye open?

    1617394225 It doesn’t look like it at first but if you zoom in his eye is open
  17. Lukegranders

    Future Events Why it’s also likely Zoro fights Big Mom

    1. Asura and Indra are two opposites both zoro and big mom have those attacks 2. Both big mom and zoro have a sword they use 3. The straw hats are the only reason big mom is in wano 4. Zoro was the only person on panel who agreed to laws plan which might indicate he will go for big mom...
  18. Lukegranders

    Future Events Why splitting up the yonko does make sense

    The worst gen said they need to split up the yonko. You guys don’t think it makes sense but it does. With two yonko side by side they can attack the worst gen whenever they want. If zoro wants to attack kaido he has to worry about big mom. Just look at this Killer was literally on top of...
  19. Lukegranders

    Powers & Abilities Kidd’s weapons and other potential weapons in the future

    We see Kidd has a harpoon gun or at least that’s what it looks like in 1008. What weapons do you expect kidd to use in the future?
  20. Lukegranders

    Speculations Big Mom will fall in Wano and will die

    Remember that panel of the big mom pirates discussing who will be the new captain when she fell into the sea? That was Oda foreshadowing her falling. To who? Eustass kidd. my theory is eustass kidd will start a war with the big mom pirates by killing big mom and possibly killer killing...