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    Questions & Mysteries Dragon is Reactionary

    Despite the 'revolutionary' title:lusalty: It doesn't seem as though he's planning anything, just being caught flat footed by the rapid developments of the new world. When do you guys think we'll see him in action, and what will his role be?
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    General & Others Zoro Killed Kaido

    The ZKK theory may be the most anticipated moment of any arc we've seen. It carried momentum throughout the 4 year ordeal that was Wano After Kaido's defeat, many incorrectly asserted that Zoro did not kill Kaido, but this is hardly the case. Let's look at some of the damage kaido sustained...
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    Chapter Discussion Time to sell Admiral coins?

    1053 had Admiral coin reach all time highs for the past month, only to be sunk by Yamato. Should I still hold?
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    Questions & Mysteries Worst Zoro Injury?

    Zoro getting a major injury slightly before a big fight ain't nothing new. Of these, which impacted him the most in his fight(s) after said injury? Buggy's stab Mihawk's slash Kuma's paw Ocean Sovereignty