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  1. Rmstorm

    Powers & Abilities Garp and Luffy are best fighters in the verse.

    Garp and Luffy are the only top tiers that fight without a weapon using blunt force. 1) Luffy has never been trained professionally and was mostly self taught. He was thrown into a jungle and told to survive. 2) Luffy never trained his physical strength until Wano. Even his rubber body could...
  2. Rmstorm

    General & Others Luffy having a Nika Fruit, does not change anything. Luffy is the best fighter in the series.

    Luffy having the Nika Fruit balances out the scales. It still Luffy's Power. The fruit CHOSE him due to his potential, charisma, personality and willpower. The fruit had been running away from the World Gov for 800 years. Luffy had said the same words as Roger BEFORE he ate the fruit. He was...
  3. Rmstorm

    Character Discussion Luffy Conquerors Haki got stronger in chapter 1044

    As you guys can tell, Luffy Conquerors Haki got stronger. Rayleigh did say that the more a person improves, the stronger their CoC becomes. So Luffy got a two fold power up in chapter 1044
  4. Rmstorm

    Powers & Abilities Luffy's final Power

    Luffy's final power is next level coc. The third and final level of CoC. This is the power that allows Roger and Shanks to comoete with Whitebeard's Gura Gura no mi. It is only available to CoC Specialists. Which Roger, Shanks and Luffy are. This power will allow Devil Fruitless Luffy to...
  5. Rmstorm

    General & Others What Big Mom, Luffy and Oden Have in Common....

    What happened in 1003 is a case of Luffy not training his base form strength in his life until Wano. Now he will need to keep on training his base strength, like in Udon prison until his Gear 2 and 3 are effective. Luffy to a smaller degree is the only person besides Big Mom and Oden that has...
  6. Rmstorm

    General & Others Eustace Kid's Idea of Crushing Kaido is Pretty Good

    Kaido would not be able withstand the pressure of to forces being applied to him at the same time. With Kids increasing his magnetic force perpetually, Kaido would eventually snap. If Kid is Awakened or Awakens, he will be close to Luffy's level in power, which personally I hope Kid is...
  7. Rmstorm

    Questions & Mysteries Did Oda Make Luffy Dumber Post Time Skip?

    Pre timeskip below Marineford- Ennies lobby Luffy, he never played games, He went through everybody. Here, he decides to headbutt ulti, instead of using his fist and smacking her away. He decides he is not going to use Advanced Armament Haki against Ulti and Page one, then uses it against...
  8. Rmstorm

    Questions & Mysteries Why did Luffy not use Advanced Armament Haki against Utli?

    It either that it would one shot ulti and it's too strong, and Oda is restricting it for that reason We know Gear 4 consumes more haki than his base form. Advanced Armament Haki is more effecient than Regular Gear 4. Either Luffy has fully mastered it, which is why he is not using it. We...
  9. Rmstorm

    Questions & Mysteries Who is going to be Luffy's Blueno?

    In Ennies Lobby, Luffy used his new power to Fodderize Blueno. In chaptet 983, Luffy was still holding back not using Advanced Armament Haki and Future Sight. Hyougoro said Advanced Armament Haki is more effecient than regular Koka. We saw Hyougoron survive big mom's attack using Barrier...
  10. Rmstorm

    Powers & Abilities Luffy's Awakening

    Awakening will be a HUGE power increase. Gaining complete control over his body and removing the limits to his powers. Doflamingo went from being overpowered by Gear 4 to fighting almost on par(Dressrosa Gear 4 high Diffs Doflamingo) with it. Think of Luffy stacking Gears 2 on top of Gear...
  11. Rmstorm

    Questions & Mysteries Is The East Blue is a Special Place?

    The East Blue is where most of Ancient World has settled. Wano residents and 2 D clan family's Monkey and Gol are from the East Blue. The East Blue is also the only Blue Sea that has a Seaking in it. The lord of the coast, the creature that took Shanks arm off. The sea where Joyboy will...
  12. Rmstorm

    Questions & Mysteries Who did Roger fight to get so Strong?

    39 years ago, he reached Loadstar Island 38 years ago, He and Garp defeated Rocks D Xebec, Whitebeard, Big Mom and Kaido. He was age 39, at the time of the God Valley Incident. How did Roger get that strong? What else did the WG cover up about Roger? It seems like Luffy and Shanks, he...
  13. Rmstorm

    Questions & Mysteries What did Rocks Xebec Do That Was so Bad?

    What did he do that was so bad, that he and his crew were taken out, with Xebec being killed? Did Rocks injure someone Roger cared for? Hoe did Roger get so strong? What was he facing, that made him so strong to break a part Rocks?
  14. Rmstorm

    General & Others Up until Wano, Luffy has never worked on his base phsyical strength since eating his Devil Fruit

    The whole time he has been coasting on his Natural Genetics and Devil Fruit control. Due to being rubber permanently Luffy could not get stronger by Lifting weights like all other people in the One Piece world could. His whole lIfe age 7-10 since eating his devil fruit was spent on perfecting...
  15. Rmstorm

    General & Others Luffy is a Walking Natural Disaster

    This dude is a walking calamity. Every place he steps foot on is left in ruin by the time he leaves. Can't there be an island where he leaves without destroying anything? Also, what happened to Luffy just sailing and actually exploring the world?
  16. Rmstorm

    General & Others 40 Years ago, were Xebec and Roger the Only Top Pirates?

    Were these 2 the only Top Pirates back then? Roger was a pirate more than 53 years ago. I assume Xebec was also a pirate back then. If not for Xebec and Roger, who were the Top Pirates back then? 38 years ago, Roger, Garp and Xebec were close to or at their Prime.
  17. Rmstorm

    General & Others Ace saved Blackbeard's life

    Without Ace running into Backbeard, Blackbeard would have chased Luffy and would have been killed or captured by Aokiji/Kuzan or Garp or even by both of them. Both Garp and Aokij were at Water 7. Aokiji met Luffy earlier at an island before Water 7.
  18. Rmstorm

    General & Others Luffy is 90% responsiblie for Blackbeard's Success

    1) Luffy took out Crocodile. This made a vacancy spot in the Sichibukai system. Blackbeard then took Crocodiles place which then allowed him to gain permision to enter Impel Down legally. 2) Luffy causing a riot and reaking havoc in Impel Down allowed Blackbeard to do what he wanted to do with...
  19. Rmstorm

    Chapter Discussion Oden is 100% Samurai Luffy

    Oden is exactly like Luffy with a different fighting style. 1)Oden is obsessed with freedom like Luffy 2)Oden has Conquerors Haki like Luffy 3)Oden has Voice of All Things like Luffy 4) Oden has Charisma to attract allies like Luffy 5)Oden was age 19 when he took over Udon amd defeated...
  20. Rmstorm

    General & Others Luffy = Oden, Rocks, Roger &Garp Combined

    Now, I know why Whitebeard said LUFFY WOULD BE CARRYING 800 YEARS OF HISTORY ON HIS BACK. Luffy inherited both, Joyboy/Roger's and Rox's will. Luffy inheritred Xebec D Rocks Will. The abilitly to make allies is from Rocks. He also attacked the Celestial Dragons like Luffy. He also...